The No. 2 newspaper in our nation’s capital caught up with the Jane
Fonda story last Friday, more than a week after it was broken in

“News of her conversion … leaped from Internet gossip to mainstream
newspapers following the disclosure last week that she and her husband,
Ted Turner, have separated,” reported Robert Stacy McCain of the
Washington Times.

Internet gossip? The story was broken right here in WorldNetDaily, as
papers all over America have acknowledged. Have you ever known
WorldNetDaily to disseminate Internet gossip?

For the record, WorldNetDaily is not, never has been and never will
be in the Internet gossip business. We reported the Fonda story
factually and none of the details of the story have been questioned or
refuted in any way. In fact, in the nearly two weeks that have
transpired since we broke the story, there has been precious little
original reporting by anyone else that increases our understanding of
the actress’ spiritual experience.

So why the swipe? Jealousy. The reporter who wrote the story for the
Times had wanted to jump on it as soon as he saw it reported by
WorldNetDaily, but was laughed at by his editors.

“Ha, ha,” they said. “That’s just the Internet. You can’t put any
stock in anything that’s reported there.”

Again, for the record, I started WorldNetDaily as a responsible
Netpaper with journalistic standards every bit as high as those at the
Washington Times. Higher, I would say. I spent 20 years in the newspaper
business and ran daily newspapers in major markets for most of that
time. I have testified in major First Amendment trials as an expert in
newspaper standards and practices. I have taught journalism at the
university level. I have written for the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street
Journal, San Francisco Chronicle and dozens of other major,
establishment newspapers. So one wonders why suddenly, because I devote
my energies to Internet journalism, this work is no longer taken
seriously by elitists trapped in the old media world.

I’ll say it again. Jealousy.

The Fonda story was picked up by the Associated Press and run in
hundreds of newspapers across the country. But this is unusual for
stories broken in WorldNetDaily. We have broken dozens of important,
ground-breaking stories that have never been picked up by the
establishment press. Others take months before being addressed in the
old media.

What was different about this story?

It was celebrity news. So the superficial mentality that guides the
old media scooped it up. Isn’t that ironic? You see, the pot’s been
calling the kettle black. It’s the old media world that is consumed by
“gossip.” It’s not WorldNetDaily. This may very well have been the first
celebrity story we have ever broken. But it was more than that. It was
news. That’s why we did it.

Meanwhile, WorldNetDaily continues to do serious investigative
reporting that goes ignored by the old media.

On Monday, for instance, our intrepid, roving foreign correspondent,
Anthony LoBaido, once again ventured on to the frontlines of a hot war
to bring us a report on the situation in Angola, where he found the
U.N. taking sides against a popular freedom movement.

Suffice it to say that this kind of reporting is risky, dangerous and
expensive. We do it because it’s important. We do it because no one else
does it. We do it because it’s our job to do it. Believe me, it’s a lot
easier to get mileage out of gossip than hard news about life-and-death
struggles in faraway lands.

Maybe I shouldn’t worry about what the Washington Times says about
us. Maybe I shouldn’t worry what the Washington Post writes. Maybe I
should just understand what motivates journalists trapped in the old
media paradigms to lash out against the New Media.

Enough said. So much for the smug naysayers in the establishment
press. WorldNetDaily will continue to set its own editorial agenda.
We’ll tell the stories others are afraid to tell. We’ll tell the stories
others are too compromised to tell. We’ll tell the stories others don’t
have the ability to tell.

Meanwhile, we trust, our audience will continue to explode in growth.
And guess who will have the last laugh?

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