Does it bother you that your tax dollars may soon be subsidizing
gruesome research on human embryos?

Nobody likes the idea of inflicting unnecessary suffering on innocent
animals. But one of the alternatives to such tests currently being
explored in private laboratories and by government-supported scientists
is the idea of using “leftover” human embryos — specifically those
produced in fertility clinics.

This bothers me. I hope it bothers some of you.

More than a week ago, I told you about animal rights activists’
efforts to fund such labs.

It gets worse — a lot worse.

Now we learn that the National Institutes of Health has drafted
new guidelines on “embryonic stem cell research” as an alternative to animal testing. This is
supposed to be more “humane.”

The public has until Jan. 31 to make its voice heard on this brave new scientific frontier. But
notice the low profile the government has given this public comment
period. Yeah, I don’t think this is one that would go over real big in
an election year.

So far, only the U.S. Catholic Conference has made much of the

“The new moral and legal frontier broached by these guidelines is the
destruction of live embryos specifically for federally sponsored
research — on the pretext that no one will care anyway, because these
are ‘spare’ embryos from fertility clinics that are ‘in excess of
clinical need,'” explains Richard M. Doerflinger, who crafted
“talking points” on the
issue for the National Council of Catholic Bishops.

The statement characterizes the new guidelines as doing the

  • Undermining protection of the human embryo

  • Dismissing human embryos as mere “tissue” to be destroyed for
    useful cells

  • Justifying the destruction of human embryos for the sake of
    reducing animal testing

Does all this have the ring of a New Age Dr. Mengele? It does to me.
This is a scary value system that has nothing to do with the 6,000 years
of Judeo-Christian ethics and the sanctity of human life. And this is
where we’re going in America — on the fast track.

Not only that, the government, not the animal-rights fringe, is
leading the way. This is a Bill Clinton drill, folks. In November 1998,
Clinton charged “the National Bioethics Advisory Commission” with the
task of conducting a thorough review of the issues associated with human
stem cell research, “balancing all ethical and medical considerations.”

As the commission puts it:
“His request was made in response to three separate reports that brought
to the fore the exciting scientific and clinical prospects of stem cell
research while also raising a series of ethical controversies regarding
federal sponsorship of scientific inquiry in this area. Scientific
reports of the successful isolation and culture of these specialized
cells have offered hope of new cures for debilitating and even fatal
illness, while at the same time renewing an important national debate
about the ethics of research involving human embryos and cadaveric fetal

Ooooh, human embryos and cadaveric fetal material — how exciting!

I’ll tell you, folks. This is not the slippery slope to holocaust,
this is the precipice of the Grand Canyon. This is not slouching toward
Gomorrah, this is the direct, non-stop Concorde flight to Baal.

There’s a lot of double talk going on among the clinicians. They try
to disguise what they are doing. It all comes down to experimenting on
babies. What we are about to create is a whole new market for dead
babies — the byproducts of abortion and sexual promiscuity and
irresponsibility. Oh, yeah. There’s also the unwanted and unneeded
byproducts of in vitro procedures taking place in the fertility clinics.
After all, those embryos just have to be thrown away. Why not put them
to good use in the laboratory?

But the upside is fewer animals will suffer. Doesn’t that just give
you a warm, fuzzy feeling all over?

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