“Project Megiddo,”
the FBI’s “study/warning” to the nation’s various law enforcement
agencies warning that Y2K-related terrorism may be conducted by
so-called right-wing, religious, militia-wacko types was not only
factually incorrect but it was an insult to all Americans, regardless of
their political beliefs.

That the nation’s premier law enforcement agency could so callously
single out but a few “groups” of people for violent acts — without
offering up any substantial proof or evidence to support their

— is disquieting, to say the least. However, it is apropos for the
Clinton administration, which has made an art form out of “demonize,
divide and conquer.”

As America embarks on a new millennium, unfortunately it has become
all too common for “officialdom” to demonize everyone who isn’t part of
its politically correct enclave of anointed. Brain-dead crowds of sheep
that swallow every “official” warning and every liberal news story as
though it were the final authoritative word on the subject number far
too many, but they blindly follow those who mean to rule them at their
own risk.

In another time, most people — in response to hearing scary,
apocalyptic stories about a certain political group or affiliation —
would have automatically reasoned that extremism in the political realm
is a tactic employed by the many, not just the one. Today,
however, because of the controlling nature of the mainstream
establishment press — which parrots “warnings” from known power freaks
in Washington like a Sermon on the Mount — it is becoming increasingly
necessary to point out the obvious.

In this case, if you are being told there are extremist
right-wing groups “out there,” you need to also be shown evidence
that extreme left-wing groups exist — just the sort of groups
who first spawned today’s generation of liberal “rulers.”

Last week the Associated Press reported that “A radical
environmentalist group has claimed responsibility for a Christmas Day
fire that destroyed a Boise Cascade timberlands management center.

“An Earth Liberation Front communiqué sent to The Associated Press
contended Boise Cascade has been active in deforestation in the
Northwest. It said the fire was started with four buckets of diesel fuel
set off by a kitchen timer delay.”

AP reported that the damage to Boise Cascade’s 8,000 square foot
management building as substantial. The news about ELF’s most recent
attack preceded this revelation contained in the same article: “The
(group) also has claimed responsibility for a $12 million fire at the
Vail Resort in Colorado a year ago and a fire that burned U.S. Forests
Industries to the ground in Medford, also a year ago.”

These left-wing radicals cared not that they had destroyed a lawful
industry’s property, costing millions of dollars in damages and
affecting the lives of thousands of consumers of the company’s products.

“Let this be a lesson to all greedy multinational corporations who
don’t respect ecosystems. The elves are watching,” the communiqué

Oh, brother.

First of all, by any definition of the law, this group is
responsible for its actions and ought to be prosecuted to fullest extent
of the new “domestic terrorism” laws so vehemently pushed by the
leftist Clinton administration. Terrorism by any other group is still

Second, I’m still waiting to hear Eco-guru Al Gore and leftist
champion Bill Clinton denounce the ELF with the same vigor they have
consistently used to denounce right wing groups or individuals who have
also used violence to achieve their goals. Where is the “moral outrage”
coming from the White House?

Third, where are the legions of liberal legislators, each echoing
frantic calls for “new and tougher terrorism laws to combat this threat
to our liberty and our lives?”

And fourth, why isn’t the establishment press calling for
jihad against these left-wing terrorists en masse?

The truth of the matter is, most Americans detest groups that use
violence to support their goals — any group, no matter what
their political leanings. The only reason the term “domestic
terrorism” is associated by most people with right-wing groups is
because of the play such an association has received by the guilty
parties listed above.

What hypocritical cowardice it is for our leftist power elites to now
diminish from a call to action over the terrorism of a group with
which they so politically identify.

The duplicity of Clinton, Gore, the leftist “progressive” wing of
government and the establishment media should be obvious now, even to
the casual observer.

Truth be told, it would be interesting to know how many ELF members
dare to live in wooden homes, use products made of wood, or burn wood to
heat themselves in the winter.

Talk about hypocrisy.

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