When will Americans learn that imperialism — whether practiced by
us or by some other country — never succeeds, except, perhaps,
to alienate entire countries from future U.S.-led initiatives?

Though it isn’t in the headlines much these days, the most recent
example of failed U.S. imperialism is manifesting itself in Yugoslavia,
where large contingents of NATO forces and U.N. police are stationed,
ostensibly to “ensure the peace” after nearly 80 days of “allied”
bombing that ended last June.

If you’ll recall, every blessed globalist from the Clinton
administration — aided and abetted by plenty of “bipartisan” leaders in
Congress — told Americans and the world several months ago that in
order to curtail the “slaughter” of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, the
“allies” led by NATO would have to bomb Serbia into the Stone Age.

Never mind that shortly after the attacks began, hundreds of
thousands of Kosovar Albanians began to flee that enclave, driven out
partially by angry Serb forces who were only there to quell a civil war
led by Kosovo Liberation Army rebels in the first place. Mission failure
No. 1.

After acquiescing to superior NATO force, the Serbs were forced to
withdraw from their own territory, but only after Serb and NATO
officials agreed on an occupation plan that was supposed to be designed
to help protect both ethnic Albanians as well as Serb nationals. Most
Americans bought this imperialistic farce and went on about their lives
as if anything this administration has attempted to do militarily
has been successful.

But, as Clinton foreign policy so often has, this “plan” is
failing — but it is failing the people we pledged to “protect.”

In one report
published this week, Serb officials — especially those manning border
patrol offices near Kosovo — are complaining that NATO forces have been
unable to stop cross-border attacks from KLA guerillas and rebels. In
the past several weeks, “at least 16 Serb policemen and civilians have
been attacked near Kosovo border areas since the June withdrawal of Serb
army forces.”

“Attacks from Kosovo-based ethnic Albanians have increased on
Serbian civilians and police, despite the presence of NATO-led military
and law enforcement personnel,” the report said.

Meanwhile, some U.S. personnel aren’t behaving much better.
According to several reports over the weekend, a staff sergeant from
Ft. Bragg serving with the international peacekeeping force in eastern
Kosovo was charged Sunday with sexually assaulting and killing an
11-year-old ethnic Albanian girl.

While there has yet to be a trial in this matter, the evidence so
far certainly suggests that this nincompoop is guilty as hell — a
photograph given to the family shows that she was “battered and
bruised,” and it appeared as though she had been raped.

Eleven years old. And this from one of America’s finest.

What are we doing in Kosovo?

In fact, what are we doing in dozens of places all over the world?

Granted, if this soldier is guilty it wouldn’t be the first time
military personnel — from a variety of nations — have committed such
heinous acts. And maybe this sergeant was unstable anyway; who knows?

What I do know is that this 11-year-old girl our forces were
supposed to protect is now dead. Meanwhile, Serb civilians and
police are getting slaughtered as well — and what are we doing about

Nothing. Nothing but eating up tax money and alienating yet
another race of people, another region of the world, from us — probably
for generations.

Some accomplishment. Thank you, Clinton & Co.

We ought to be ashamed of what we’ve allowed our anointed,
pointy-headed little Napoleons in Washington to do “on our behalf” all
across this world of ours. But we let them go ahead and do whatever in
blazes they please, and then scratch our heads in confusion, wondering
why more and more people around the globe either don’t like us or don’t
trust us.

Go figure.

If we send any message to our next crop of wannabe
anointed, it should be this: Stay out of other people’s business because
it’s obvious we cannot guarantee unbiased “assistance”; we cannot seem
to behave well enough to justify our “help.” Imperialism cloaked in any
form or disguised as “compassion” is still imperialism, and it is doomed
to failure.

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