Any dude that says guns, gun rights and the ability to carry
concealed weapons is strictly a man’s business has never met the
Second Amendment Sisters but
should; they’d make you proud.

For one thing, they aren’t your average “soccer mom” crowd. Yes, some
members may have kids who play soccer, but this group has no time
for, nor love of, the liberal anti-gun hysteria usually promoted by the
typical soccer-mom mentality.

For another thing, these gals — who believe that women especially
are vulnerable to violent (usually male) criminal attacks — are tired
of their liberal sisters (and brothers) making them easy prey. No more,
they say; enough already with the stupid gun control laws. They — like
millions of other Americans — are tired of just scratching their heads,
wondering why so many of them get raped, beaten, robbed or attacked
violently every year.

They know the answer; for the most part, it’s because they cannot —
by law — defend themselves adequately. And adequately means with a
firearm. Most big cities, where most of the violent crime in this
country occurs, do not allow free moms and other citizens to pack heat.
They pass laws preventing reasonable means of armed self-defense so
these moms — and thousands of others — can be more easily attacked,
killed, mutilated and sexually abused.

These moms are wondering: “How is this helping create a safer
society?” It’s not, they are discovering. They’re not alone in asking
such a painfully obvious question, but as a group, mothers in America
have only just begun to wonder if liberal gun control isn’t actually
getting more of them killed every year than laws forbidding them from
being armed.

The solution, mothers are discovering once they examine the
alternatives, is firearms. Only a firearm in the hands of a smaller,
more frail and susceptible female can “equalize” a confrontation with a
250-pound gorilla in search of his next victim — or his next victim’s

But it’s more than just that. These gals want people to know they are
moms too — and while they value the lives of their children
every bit as much as soccer moms, Second Amendment Sisters and Armed
Informed Mothers realize well-protected liberal lawmakers passing
ill-conceived gun control laws don’t equal protection for women,
mothers, and children. They just don’t.

These mommas want to be able to protect their kids from
violence instead of letting them become statistics. And the best way —
not the only way, just the best way — for mothers to
achieve this goal, they believe, is by becoming armed.

Their conclusion shines with truth. Numerous studies by Yale legal
professor John R. Lott, who has conducted the most extensive studies of
guns and gun laws over the past several years, say that more guns
in more hands of law abiding persons equals less crime.
FBI statistics, which demonstrate a huge reduction of crime in the past
decade, seldom mention this phenomenon. But these mothers, and millions
of gun owners, know that the resultant fall in violent crime coupled
with an increase in concealed carry laws and an increase in firearms
sales equals less violent crime. The dots are easy to connect if
you just keep an open mind.

So these mothers are finally beginning to publicly ask the
all-important questions of other mothers (and fathers) who are equally
concerned about their safety and the safety of their kids:

  • With so many gun laws already on the books, how come “gun
    crimes” still exist?

  • If guns are effective enough to be a criminal’s preferred tool,
    why are they not good enough to use for protection?

  • How is it that lawmakers insist their bodyguards be armed but not
    you and I?

  • If you and your children were face to face with a male attacker
    twice your size, what would you do — if you weren’t armed?

  • If guns are “too dangerous” to be in our society, how come our
    leaders want to be the only ones who have them? Do you trust our leaders
    implicitly to protect you — at all times?

  • Which is better — more gun control and the eventual banning of
    all guns in our society, or sitting by helplessly watching as some
    intruder repeatedly rapes your 13-year-old daughter? If we ever
    completely ban guns, do you think there will be no more armed criminals
    in America?

So important are the answers to these questions that the Sisters
are planning a march of their own
in Washington, DC, to counter a similar “Million Mom March” filled with
soccer moms who want more gun control.

And what better time to march than on Mother’s Day? Exactly.

Being a parent today is difficult; no one denies that. Mothers (and
fathers) of all political stripes seek to protect their children from
the worst elements of our society. Most of us support our local police
and appreciate legislative efforts to keep criminals off our streets,
out of our homes and away from our children. But none of these efforts
is 100 percent effective.

Neither will a mother packing heat always successfully defend
herself and her children from an attacker. But the cold, hard and
crucial fact of the matter is, mothers who are armed stand a helluva lot
better chance of saving themselves and their children — probably
without ever having to fire a shot — if they have an “equalizer” in
their handbag.

If you can, support this march, either with your donations or by
joining these mothers in May in the nation’s capitol.

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