Last weekend marked the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade
Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion on demand in America. Since
that ignoble ruling, over 40 million innocent, unborn infants have
perished. Sadder still is that our churches and clergymen are silent and
indifferent to this carnage.

The acceptance of abortion by our society will prove to be its
undoing. The sanctity and preciousness of human life is the foundation
of Western Civilization. Today, our politically correct culture places
more value on animals than on human beings. Even our own National
Institute of Health has issued guidelines on how researchers can conduct
experiments on human embryos, thus sparing the necessity to use animals.

How can pastors and churches remain silent? How can they sleep in
their beds knowing that their lethargy contributes to the destruction of
millions of babies and the deterioration of our culture? In most
churches, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade came and went without notice or

In the county in which I live over 60 percent of all pregnancies are
terminated with an abortion. The abortion rate in Nazi Germany hovered
at around 40 percent. Once a nation justifies the merciless killing of
unborn children, it can justify anything — even burning people it finds
offensive! (Remember Waco?)

Respect for life is the glue that holds society together. Without it
a nation is soon brought to destruction. Money and wealth is no
substitute for morality and virtue. Prosperity doesn’t make men better.
Just the opposite: it seems to harden them. In the name of affluence we
are willing to trade our conscience. We not only refuse to protest an
industry that makes its living sucking the brains out of little children
we let our stock brokers invest our money in these death-for-profit

Furthermore, we support political candidates who are as indifferent
to this holocaust as we are. Electing Republicans is not a panacea,
either. Need I remind you, the Supreme Court that gave America Roe v.
Wade was predominantly a Republican appointed court? Not much has
changed in 27 years.

This year’s presidential election campaign reveals that committed
pro-life candidates can’t muster enough votes or money to make them
serious contenders. This is because voters who call themselves pro-life
aren’t really serious about it. Politicians who talk about God but
refuse to take a principled pro-life stand are charlatans! What does
that make those who support them?

A culture of death permeates our nation. Abortion, infanticide,
euthanasia, suicide and homicide are now everyday occurrences. Someone
said, “Americans have slept so long next to the sewer we can no longer
smell the stench.” It’s true.

It’s time Americans started putting their time, money and votes where
their mouth is! We must stop the legal killing of unborn babies now!
Every day this ghastly practice continues puts another nail in our
nation’s coffin. We’d better hurry; there may not be many days left.

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