Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, Jesse Helms, created
quite a stir when he appeared before the United Nations Security Council
recently. In effect, he told the group of socialists to bug off. He
reminded them that the United States was a sovereign nation and that it
would never surrender its sovereignty to a group of New World Order
geeks. He further told them to quit meddling in our affairs and to stop
pretending they are the world’s policemen. He even suggested the United
States may withdraw from the international body.

The delegates were livid. They squirmed in their seats, hissed and
grumbled. There was no applause. One man even tried to shout the senator
down. Helms had obviously hit a nerve. Within hours, President Clinton
sent secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, to assure the group that
America was still on course for global government. She told them that
only she and Mr. Clinton spoke for America.

I beg to differ, Madame Secretary. As an American citizen, I can
promise you that Sen. Helms did most certainly speak for me! He spoke
for me when he said we Americans would never accept any international
authority. He spoke for me when he said we Americans would never
surrender our sovereignty. By implication that means our guns, too. He
spoke for me when he said the United Nations has no authority to police
us or to meddle in our affairs.

I am sick and tired of these patronizing politicians, who want to
surrender our nation’s independence, pretending to represent me! They
don’t. What they do represent is a bunch of international corporations
and financiers who have no loyalty to our country. They are people who
worship at the altar of power and greed. They are without honor or
principle. Their souls belong to the devil and their fidelity to the
highest bidder. They deserve neither respect nor courtesy.

Unfortunately, both major parties are comprised of people who dance
to the tunes played by these pernicious pipers. That is why, no matter
which party is in power, the country continues its jeopardy-filled
journey into internationalism.

I refuse to play along. I will no longer vote for the lesser of two
evils. I will only vote for a principled, America-first candidate. If
such a candidate is not nominated by either major party, I will look
elsewhere. The prospects being what they are, I think my search has
already begun.

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