WorldNetDaily today launches Page 2
— a second section of news headlines and stories seven days a week.

“WorldNetDaily has been expanding coverage and audience very
quickly,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND.
“Our ‘front page’ was growing so large, it was affecting loading times.
The addition of a second page gives us much more flexibility and, we
hope, a more responsive site for our readers.”

Farah said this development is the first of many designed to make WND
the full-service Internet news resource the public wants.

“We will be introducing many new features to make WND even more
versatile in terms of coverage later this year,” said Farah. has been voted the world’s most popular Internet
site 30 weeks in the last year, said Farah. It has also been rated at
times “the stickiest news site on the Internet” — meaning readers spend
more time with it than any other news site. The additional section of
news is designed to meet this demand for more coverage, he said.

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