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WND ranked in 'Top 9' news sites

After its first month of operation, Top9.com, which characterizes itself as
“the first Internet Ranking Search Directory to be based on scientific
market research data,” has placed WorldNetDaily among the top nine news

The “top nine” are, in order: MSNBC.com, CNN.com, ABCnews.com,
FOXnews.com, BBC.com, CNBC.com, 4NEWS.com, NPR.com and

Using market research to “comprehensively rank the most popular websites
by industry category on a monthly basis,” Top9.com bases its picks on
data derived from PC Data Online, a leading Internet research firm,
through an exclusive agreement.

Surveying “unique users” from a panel of over 105,000 real-time home
users of the Internet, PC Data Online bases its rankings on the largest
domestic home panel of any Internet measurement firm.

“Because of the size of the survey pool, and the independent methodology
used by PC Data Online, Top9.com’s rankings are based on the most
reliable Internet consumer research data available today,” according to
Top9’s website.

Not a popularity contest, nor a measurement of page impressions or
“hits,” Top9.com’s rankings are based on “unique users,” a calculation
of the number of unduplicated monthly visitors to a site. A unique user
is counted only one time, even if the user logs on to a particular site
more than once within the survey period of time.

The rankings are based on survey data retrieved and categorized during
the previous month.

During 1999, WorldNetDaily.com also was ranked on the Internet
list as the No. 1
website in the world. That list, compiled by
WorldCharts.com, is
based on votes sent in by readers.