Since this is being written several days in advance of Jan. 1 — just
in case — you won’t find any mentions of solving Y2K problems. Instead,
we’re talking about time this week. Also where to get answers to your
computer questions, calendars, clocks and some online aid to help you
actually keep those resolutions you made so earnestly three days ago.

Be A Loser. Of pounds, that is. If you vowed to go on a diet
to shed that holiday-added weight, a number of websites can provide
information, support and motivation.

  • Cyberdiet provides tools
    such as a nutritional profile and a daily food planner to help you
    succeed at weight loss.

  • Mike’s Calorie and Fat Gram
    of 1,000 foods, which lets you sort foods by fat grams and
    protein, cholesterol or carbohydrate content.

  • The Burning Off
    the Fat
    calorie calculator tells you how many calories you burn when
    doing certain activities. (Hint: Put away the guitar and get out the

  • The Weight-Loss Zone
    has dieting and fitness articles, a discussion group and lets you ask
    questions of a weight-loss pro. But probably its handiest feature is
    “fast food facts.” Click on a fast-food eatery from Arby’s to Wendy’s to
    find nutritional info for that chalupa or super-sized order of fries.

  • Fat Free is the low-fat
    vegetarian archive on the Web.

  • Diet and
    home page aims to be a one-stop resource for dieters.

  • Get fit with Shape Up America.

Going Up In Smoke. Is this the year you’re finally going to
heed the pleas of those who love you and stop smoking? Christine Rowley,
one of the guides, has an excellent section on quitting
. She covers all the various methods to enable you to quit
and stay quit.

100 Years Ago. The Chicago Public Library has done an
interesting sketch of
what the city was like in the year 1900 — everything from architecture
to crime and education to commerce.

Got A Date? You know that January was named for the two-headed
god Janus, who looked forward to the future and back at the past. And
you probably recall that March was named for Mars, the god of war. But
where February get its moniker? Find out at the Brief History of

Did you know that about 40 different calendars are in use in the
world today? Find out more at Calendars and Their

If you don’t have a new calendar yet, print your own. At Calendar
, you select what language you want as well as the year and
an image and off you go. You could use this to generate a long-ago
calendar to commemorate someone’s birthday or to put the calendar of the
year a child was born in her scrapbook.

The Timeline of
Interesting Calendar Facts
is a treasure-trove for trivia buffs.

Finally, don’t forget The Old Farmer’s
, which tells you when the moon will be full, gives gardening
tips and provides a puzzle of the day, among other features.

Tick-Tocking Away. Although the site is called the History of Time,
it’s really about clocks through the centuries.

If you want to understand time and how it’s been measured through the
ages, a Brief
History of Time
covers the territory well.

Help, Somebody! Anybody! I spent an entire evening recently
trying to install a printer for my laptop. Both were familiar pieces of
equipment — I’d used the laptop with other printers and the printer
with another PC so it should’ve been a snap. It wasn’t. What I needed,
but didn’t have was a knowledgeable 10-year-old. Since I ran out of time
and had to give up before I could get the printer to communicate (don’t
you love error messages like that?), I guess I’ll have to head to Cnet or even the troubleshooting
section of Smart
Computing in Plain English

Mr. Fix-It. If you’ve got a question about home repair, Texan
Jim Evans often has the answers. He has recently moved his help page, so I
have to change my bookmarks. He also offers a free PIM (personal
information manager) download so you’ll never
again forget your son’s latest girlfriend’s name or just what it was
that you have to pick up at the hardware store the next time you’re

Building Your First Website. Although the parent company of Web Rookie would like to sell
you Web page services, the beginner’s guide to building a website is
free and excellent.

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