Something is amiss in our land today. While boasting history’s
greatest economy, America’s family structure is disintegrating. While
many proclaim America to be experiencing a great spiritual renewal, we
are suffering a moral meltdown. Something is seriously wrong.

While expressing disdain with the Democrat Party, we somehow believe
the Republican Party will provide the Moses to lead us to the Promised
Land. So deep is our feeling in this regard that we are willing to
ignore liberal, socialist proposals when Republicans promote them. To
call attention to these betrayals is called “negative advertising.” We
have convinced ourselves that a political party, not immutable
principles, provides the foundation for freedom and blessing.

Furthermore, we pick candidates the way gamblers choose racehorses.
We base our support, not upon the character and positions of the
candidate, but upon whether or not we believe that he will win. Forget
the fact that, as Christians and traditionalists, we should know that
that is not our responsibility. As John Quincy Adams put it, “Duty is
ours; results are God’s.” We have but one duty: to be faithful to the

When truth is found in a particular party or candidate, support it.
When party or player betrays the truth, however, we must leave his side.
To do anything less is to betray the truth. What good is it to support a
party if in the process we betray the country, or worse, we forsake
God’s truth? Will God forgive us because we were good Republicans?

We need to take a good, hard look in the mirror. Are we supporting a
political party or candidate because we believe he or she will be
faithful to the immutable, eternal principles upon which this nation was
founded, or because we believe that by supporting a winner we will
personally benefit?

God is not a Republican. Neither is He enamored with economic wealth
and political clout. God’s people, especially Christian leaders, have
historically been men of courage. They were men who feared nothing but
God and desired nothing but truth. They couldn’t be bought with the
tawdry gifts of invitations to state dinners and personal phone calls
from the political elite.

This unholy marriage between Christians and traditionalists and the
Republican Party is producing a bastardized generation that puts party
label above fundamental principle and self-aggrandizement above loyalty
to Heaven. We might put a Republican back in the White House, but until
we put
truth back in the church house this nation will continue its spiral into
the abyss.

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