Let me begin by reminding you I don’t have a horse in this
presidential race.

Personally, I like Alan Keyes. I like Pat Buchanan. I like Harry
Browne. I like Howard Phillips. In short, I like candidates who support
the U.S. Constitution, the principles of self-government, freedom,
truth, justice and the American way. But I haven’t personally endorsed
any one candidacy, nor do I plan to do so. Nor do I know of any plans by
WorldNetDaily.com as a company to throw its weight behind a presidential

What I have done in this column is to warn you of some people I
considered bad choices for president, precisely because they do not
understand the concepts above. Among those I have warned you about are
George W. Bush
and John McCain.
I flat out told you I would not and could not support either of these
men for president. I have not changed my mind about that.

At the same time, as a journalist, I feel obliged to share my
observations about this Republican presidential race.

There is no question in my mind now that the Bill Clinton-Al Gore
campaign strongly prefers to face John McCain in November. The
Democratic Party machine is actively promoting a crossover vote in key
primary states to promote the candidacy of McCain.

In Florida, for instance, a big state governed by George W’s younger
brother, Jeb Bush, Democrats have actively organized a party-switching
voter-registration effort. The idea is that the Democrats would vote for
McCain, help secure for him the nomination of the Republican Party, then
switch back to vote for Gore in November.

Read this excerpt from the Gainesville Sun, Feb. 15:

“There were plenty of last-minute voter registrations Monday at the
Alachua County Elections Office. But there were even more party-hoppers.

“‘More people are switching parties than are registering today,’ said
Roxanne Watkins, elections deputy. ‘Even in the rain they’re coming

“Monday was the last day to register to vote or switch parties before
the March 14 elections, which include the presidential primaries and
Gainesville City Commission races.

“Because elections workers had not processed all of the forms,
figures were not available on how many voters changed party affiliation.
But local and state officials say the trend has been for Democrats and
those with no party affiliation to switch to the Republican Party.

“Since Florida is a closed-primary state, voters can vote only in
their party’s primary. Many of those switching say they plan to vote for
Republican John McCain in the primary, according to Alachua County
elections officials and several people who switched parties Monday
afternoon. Still others said they’re planning a vote against George W.

“Among them is county elections clerk Yvette Warren, whose loyalty to
the Democratic Party dates to 1982 and said she’s never missed an

“‘I’m just voting for McCain in the primary, and I’m switching right
back,’ Warren said quickly. ‘I just have to vote against Bush.'”

And that’s the county elections clerk. Gives you a lot of faith in
the system, doesn’t it?

What makes such reports particularly noteworthy is the fact that the
Clinton political machine has run this drill before. It’s a play right
out of their bag of political tricks. It has worked for them in the

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist Meredith Oakley reminds us it’s
the way Clinton secured the gubernatorial election in 1990 — quietly,
through vote-switching, helping Sheffield Nelson to get the Republican
nomination over Tommy Robinson, who was considered a bigger threat in
the general campaign.

As Oakley phrased the question: “Is it possible? Can it be? Is John
McCain the pander bear for the year 2000?”

How can the Democrats be so sure they can beat McCain? Remember,
these people play dirty — very dirty. These people think nothing of
opening up confidential files maintained by the FBI, IRS or CIA and
using them for political gain. They think nothing of collaborating with
military and intelligence agencies from hostile foreign nations, as we
have seen in the Chinagate scandal. And remember that John McCain was
tortured and broken as a POW in Vietnam.

If you don’t think McCain is hypersensitive to criticism about his
war record, his subsequent political support of the Communist Vietnam
regime and his determination to close the books on the POW issue, just
remember the South Carolina debate. McCain lost the debate on this
point. Why is he so defensive?

I suspect Al Gore and Bill Clinton know the answer to that question.
And that’s why they have chosen John McCain as their political stalking

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