For too many years, too many Americans have been killed, wounded,
maimed and scarred for life because too many politicians are too willing
to pass too many anti-gun laws.

I admire the work of the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of
America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms, and other groups; but
one organization that — to me — has demonstrated more guts and
gumption than many of these groups combined is Citizens of America,
the California-based pro-firearms
rights group that has produced a number of effective, targeted pro-gun

That’s a pretty powerful statement, but let me tell you something —
the time to be civil and polite and PC when it comes to defending our
right to keep and bear arms is over. Here’s a clue: The PC crowd, the
establishment media and hundreds of politicians nationwide don’t care
how “civil” and “polite” gun supporters are. They hate us anyway. They
hate our guns; and most of all, they hate the fact that they haven’t
been able to ban all of our guns outright.

Yet. They’re still trying and will continue to try until they
succeed. That’s how liberal statists behave; they keep gnawing at your
rights until finally, eventually, they get their way, and to hell with
the Constitution or the law of the land.

Now, after only several months and after having a substantial effect
with limited resources, COA is in danger of going broke. When you’re a
national advocacy group, getting enough funding is a hard thing to do;
the problem is compounded when you’re offering your research and
expertise for free.

Being a pro-gun national advocacy group makes securing funding even
more difficult, if not outright impossible — at least from the
traditional high-dollar foundations and philanthropists, most of whom
are ultra-socialist.

Regular readers of my column may remember that I wrote a piece
describing COA, their plan of action, and some of their commercial
back in October 1999. I wrote enthusiastically about COA’s “assault
advertising” approach to fighting the gun lies of the left, and
encouraged readers to bombard the organization with contributions —
something I really don’t like to do nor encourage very often.

I even sent in my own $20.

Now, after receiving an appeal from Brian Puckett for more funding —
else he may have to shut down the organization — I am asking readers to
dig into their pockets one more time. Again, my $20 is on the way.

Brian didn’t send this request specifically to me nor did he ask me
to write this column. As in the first column, I am doing this because I
believe in COA’s no-compromise, hit-’em-where-it-hurts style of
promoting gun rights.

The commercials this group has produced are very professional; I know
— I used to write, voice and produce radio commercials myself. More
than anything, COA’s spots are honest. They depict real-life
scenarios that ordinary (and unarmed) Americans face every single day —
the clogged 911 systems, the slow police responses, the hoods in the
dark alleys, the dangerous criminals stalking our kids.

COA also puts the political elite on the spot: One commercial
rhetorically asks why ordinary Americans are denied access to firearms
while the arrogant political class enjoys armed taxpayer protection in
the form of paid bodyguards and police officers.

These commercials have impact. They make sense. They
leave no doubt that unarmed and vulnerable, average Americans are
more at risk from harm by the criminal element than if we were
all allowed unfettered use of our Second Amendment rights. COA also
supports the latest factual evidence — studies that show that the more
people who own and carry firearms, the safer our society is.

Make no mistake, friends — the fight to take guns away from us is
set to heat up again. During his State of the Union undress,
President Clinton shocked many gun owners and gun industry executives,
as well as several congressmen, when he announced he would be pushing
for an expanded role for the BATF and federal law enforcement officers
to crack down on illegal guns, which is just political code for finding
new ways to take guns away from honest people.

COA understands the very real sense of urgency here and their
no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners approach to publicly defend our gun
rights deserves our support. Now; not later.

In fact, there may be no later.

It’d be nice if the other established gun rights groups would kick
some dough over to Brian Puckett and COA, but we can’t count on that.
Conservative activist groups tend to have a “me-only” attitude and lack
the very good organizational and marketing skills endemic to the liberal
left-wing groups. If you’ve ever wondered why liberal groups are so good
at getting out their message, it’s because they understand — and
expertly use — networking skills.

So we — you and I — are going to have to do this. Or are we going
to let another good thing die because we weren’t willing to make the
effort to defend it?

COA’s website takes online
credit card donations; but you can also mail a check to: Citizens Of
America, 2118 Wilshire Blvd. #447, Santa Monica, CA 90403.

Let’s see if we can save ’em. I appreciate anything you can do for
these folks.

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