Though the title of this column may suggest it, this is not a rant
against the establishment media, though they certainly have a role here.

Rather, this column has more to do with absurdity, hypocrisy and
doublespeak — all techniques that control freaks love to use to control
thought patterns among the masses. You see, like baseball’s John
Rocker, if you fall on the wrong side of the PC fence these days there
are more than enough thought controllers around to see that you get
“reeducated” and that “we get your mind right.”

But don’t ever imagine you can challenge their right to say
and think what they wish. They’re on the side of “righteousness,” don’t
you know — as defined, of course, by all the leftists.

At one point in our country’s history, we used to use that line of
reasoning to control slaves and other “enemies” of “conventional
wisdom.” At one point, Hitler used it to control his political
opposition. Such mind control techniques are still employed throughout
China and parts of Russia, but they have big nuclear weapons and a few
bucks to spend so our leaders slink into the shadows and let them get by
with it. But they don’t mind employing this tactic against their own
people in this country.

For example consider the ridiculous nature of anti-tobacco
advertising. It’s “against the law” to advertise cigarettes in most
venues today, but the same people who have championed this ban don’t
mind seeing Budweiser lizards or Jack Daniels plastered all over the
same venues.

All guns are bad — taboo — Americans are constantly told.
Even a large banking conglomerate like Citibank
refuses to do business with people who do business in weaponry. But it’s
OK to do business with other businesses that hype sex and violence — as
if neither of those two vices actually hurt people.

If you’re a Christian and you talk publicly about your faith, you’re
either branded as some sort of extremist or you’re disregarded as
unrealistic. Witness the numerous sportscasters who were uncomfortable
talking to St. Louis Rams’ winning quarterback Kurt Warner who
unabashedly credits his skill and performance to the Almighty.

If you’re white — and specifically a white guy — then you’re
inherently racist. But if your skin is any other color in this
country, you’re somehow immune from being a racist, even though you may
espouse anti-white rhetoric and blame “whites” for everything that has
gone wrong in your life.

Anything “liberal” or associated with the Democratic National
Committee is good. Anything “conservative” or associated with the
Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or anything right of left is
worse than bad — it’s dangerous.

Only kids who are educated in public schools learn the “right”
things, while kids schooled at home or in parochial/private settings are
considered freakish and disadvantaged.

And the list goes on.

These sorts of mischaracterizations and misrepresentations occur
daily in our lives, in our pop culture, in the media, in entertainment
and even in the way news is delivered. It happens constantly —
multiple times each day. If you’re a part of life outside of a cave,
then you’re subjected to it nearly every minute of every waking hour.

Those on the left never admit their hypocrisy or their desire to get
all of us to “think correctly.” Instead opponents are labeled as
hypocrites, and the leftists win by shouting down their opponents — not
by debating them on the merits of an issue or by using logic.

In our post-modern, hyphenated-American world, the spirit of liberty
is in danger of being lost as millions of us are subverted by discreet
and not-so-discreet barrages of leftist, nonsensical gibberish. To even
mildly disagree with “conventional” mainstream opinion is to draw the
ire of the mind controllers.

If you doubt that, try getting by with some of these things while in

  • Advocate that smoking is an individual’s right

  • Tell others that you should have the right to carry a gun
    anywhere, anytime because you’re no criminal

  • Questioning the wisdom of “Black History Month” in a country
    settled by white Europeans — without extending the same to Hispanics
    and Asians, or even whites

  • Advocate the elimination of celebrating any race because
    we’re all supposed to be Americans

  • Cutting public school funding in lieu of a total “pay-as-you-go”

  • Suggest that there is too much sex and violence on TV and in the

  • Say that homosexuality is a sin

  • Tell people you spank your children

  • Predict that you will never cheat on your spouse because you love
    them too much to do that

  • Ask why so many U.S. troops are fighting in small foreign
    countries since we haven’t formally declared war on anyone since 1941

  • Suggest that inner-city minorities are getting cheated by so many
    government welfare programs, and that said programs actually
    prevent them from doing better financially

  • Advocate abolishing the IRS

  • Pronounce that you are a believer in God and Jesus Christ and
    that man did not evolve from apes and slimy, one-celled creatures

My guess is you won’t get by with too many of these in most
places in America today without being challenged (loudly, probably)
because too many of us have had our “minds right” for far too long.

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