Republicans have a right to be angry as they contemplate what
happened in Michigan. In that Republican primary, George W. Bush was
supported by seven of 10 Republican voters — and lost. Seventy percent
of those who voted for McCain were non-Republicans — and he won.

There is no way Republican stalwarts cannot be stunned that in their
high-turnout Michigan primary, only 47 percent of the total vote was by
Republicans, the rest being independents and Democrats.

Following his victory, McCain triumphantly declared that “our party
is sending a message.” One has to wonder why McCain thinks he has a
mandate to speak for a party, the vast majority of whom reject him.
McCain is also spreading the word in California and elsewhere that he is
forming a “new majority.” What kind of a majority would that be, one
without Republicans? If so, it might need a new name. Maybe we could
call it the New Democratic Party. That has a ring to it.

Many political pundits ridicule the idea that there may be some sort
of concerted effort to get Democrats and liberal independents to
maliciously meddle in the Republican primary. The fact is that a number
of Democratic leaders in Michigan openly encouraged blacks, liberal
activists and union members to cross over and vote for McCain.

One of these Democratic party leaders, State Rep. LaMar Lemmons III,
president of the Michigan Black Democrats Organization, explained the
strategy: “We’re talking about minorities, union members — only the
most sophisticated members of the party faithful. We don’t want to mess
with the group that may end up voting for McCain if he gets the

The state president of the Michigan NAACP spearheaded an organization
in Detroit called DOGG (Democrats Out to Get the Governor.) They were
out to get revenge on Michigan Gov. John Engler, a Bush supporter, for
reforming welfare and intervening in a failed, mismanaged,
child-damaging system of government schools in Detroit.

They succeeded — and the ugly truth is that John McCain, for his own
personal gain, helped them humiliate one of the best and most successful
Republican governors in America. Here is text from a postcard mailed by
the McCain campaign to Michigan Democrats: “Even if you vote in
Tuesday’s Republican primary, you can still participate in future
Democratic Party political activity.”

George W. Bush was right in saying that the Michigan primary was
“hijacked.” He is correct in pointing out that he would have won if
registered Democrats had been barred from participation in what was
supposed to be a Republican primary. Gov. Engler was on the mark when he
said, “This is the first time in American politics that we’ve had a
Republican candidate seeking hard-core Democrats to come into our
primary, and then, go back later.”

It is fair to say that the McCain people were soliciting the
corruption of their own party’s nominating process. One wonders how John
“Straight Talk” McCain could keep a straight face while calling himself
a “Reagan Republican.” He should be sued for slander.

Once again, the mainstream media, particularly the TV media, reveal
their predispositions by the way they report. Some of the most malicious
propaganda being trumpeted by the press during this election cycle
revolves around Bush’s appearance before a group of several thousand
students at Bob Jones University. It has been seized upon, endlessly
emphasized, and escalated to imply that Bush is forever guilty by
association and that rampant racial intolerance and anti-Catholicism
festers in the religious right of the Republican Party. The open advice
to Republicans is to rid themselves of these ruinous influences.

Just as the issue of the Confederate flag was ignored for years, and
has now been resurrected to inflame racial conflicts, so too is a
malignant effort under way to promote conflict between Catholics and
Protestants and between all Christians and those who are terrified that
someone is going to impose morality upon them and destroy their lives.

One might be able to argue that the media is simply trying to stir up
a good story if they were also pressuring the Democratic Party to
dissociate itself from its own radical elements; for example, those
groups and individuals within its ranks who favor killing healthy and
mature babies as they are leaving the womb, those who think protecting
the job of an incompetent teacher is more important than a child
learning to read, those who reek of anti-Christian intolerance, and
those who advocate same-sex marriage. Don’t hold your breath.

The reason for the media’s selective outrage requires no explanation.

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