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Readers 'stuck' on WND

WorldNetDaily has been ranked for three of the last six months as the
“stickiest” news site on the Internet — “stickiness” being a measure of
how much time visitors spend on a website — according to
PCDataOnline, a major Internet
monitoring and ratings service.

Not only did WorldNetDaily outpoll all other news sites in this
all-important category, but during one month it outperformed all sports
sites as well. In the number one spot, WorldNetDaily’s visitors were
determined to spend an average of one hour and 33 minutes on the site,
compared with number two, ESPN, whose visitors
spent an average of 58 minutes.

In addition, PCDataOnline determined that WorldNetDaily is 20th among
all news sites in total page views — ahead of the Los Angeles Times,
Associated Press, Chicago Tribune and many other giant corporate media

A division of PC Data, one of the leading technology intelligence
firms in the U.S., PCDataOnline is an Internet monitoring service which
offers clients real-time data collection on website activity and
e-commerce. Using “random digital disk enumeration studies” to produce
the demographic data to profile the home users that they use as one-year
panelists, PC Data Online meters over 100,000 households in the United

At the same time, WorldNetDaily recently was rated the No. 9 news
site on the Internet
by Top9.com, a
new independent ranking service that uses PCDataOnline statistics in an
exclusive agreement. This ranking is based on “unique visitors” — the
most meaningful traffic statistic in the industry. WorldNetDaily.com is
rated just behind MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, FOX News, the BBC, CNBC, NPR and
the Canadian Broadcasting Co. — all either major corporate or
state-subsidized news agencies. WorldNetDaily is the only independent
news service in the Top9.com standings.

“Because of the size of the survey pool, and the independent
methodology used by PCDataOnline, Top9.com’s rankings are based on the
most reliable Internet consumer research data available today,”
according to Top9’s website.

Also, this week WorldNetDaily was voted for the 32nd time out of 41
weeks the most popular website of any kind on the Internet in an
independent weekly poll sponsored by WorldCharts.com and Global
a European company.