During the last year, WorldNetDaily international correspondent
Anthony C. LoBaido traveled
through the macabre and dangerous nation of Cambodia. His series of
reports on Pol Pot’s Nazi-style experiments,
the Killing Fields and the United Nations’ harboring the alleged assassin of Cambodian
Prime Minister Hun Sen

brought Cambodia’s dark past to light for WorldNetDaily readers.

In this Saturday’s report, LoBaido will focus on the upcoming trials
of Khmer Rouge mass murderers, and specifically on defense claims that
the West, led by the elite British Special Air Service, gave military
assistance and training to the Khmer Rouge.

The infamous S-21 Tuol Sleng Prison in Phnom Penh.

Recounting the nightmarish era of Pol Pot and Cambodia’s “Killing
Fields,” LoBaido writes of the ultra-Maoist agrarian utopia known as
“Year Zero,” which during the 1970s saw the liquidation of 1.7 million
innocent Cambodian citizens. In his effort to create the perfect
society, Pol Pot “erased the post office, religion, private property,
all mass communication and even clothing — all Cambodians were forced
to wear black pajamas,” writes LoBaido.

“The scientific, cultural, academic and social elite of the nation,
including those who spoke foreign languages or wore eyeglasses, were
systematically evacuated from major cities, sent to collective farms
and/or tortured at the Tuol Sleng S-21 prison and then brutally murdered
with saws and hammers in the ‘Killing Fields,'” writes LoBaido. “Men,
women, children and even babies were also used in Nazi-style experiments
at S-21.”

WND’s Anthony LoBaido holds the burial cloth of a victim at Cambodia’s
Killing Fields — a fragment of a purple dress worn by a woman martyred
by the Khmer Rouge in Pol Pot’s “Year Zero” genocide.

“When Ta Mok, the 74-year-old, one-legged Khmer Rouge general known
as ‘The Butcher’ takes the stand next month in Cambodia’s upcoming war
crimes trials of Pol Pot’s infamous Killing Fields henchmen, he will be
bearing some dark secrets,” LoBaido reveals.

The other Khmer Rouge figure on trial is Kaing Khek Iev, now claiming
to be a born-again Christian, but who 25 years ago ran the Khmer Rouge
death machine at the notorious S-21 prison in Phnom Penh. “Duch,” as he
is called, has promised to tell all he knows about Pol Pot and the chain
of command at S-21 …

Don’t miss Anthony LoBaido’s exclusive report — with many exclusive
photos — in this Saturday’s edition of WorldNetDaily.

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