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WND now a top 2,500 website

For the week ending Jan. 29, WorldNetDaily.com propelled into the top
2,500 websites of all kinds in the world based on unique visitors,
according to statistics gathered by the Internet monitoring service

WorldNetDaily.com’s number of unique visitors reached 180,000 in
January, PCDataOnline reports.

WorldNetDaily.com now ranks as the 2,431st largest website in the
world and the 39th largest news service of any kind based on unique
visitors and the 20th largest based on pageviews, with more than 6.2
million pages served in January.

another measuring service, lists WorldNetDaily.com as the ninth largest
“non-newspaper” news provider behind only MSNBC, CNN, ABC, BBC, FoxNews,
CNBC, NPR and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

WorldNetDaily.com has surpassed some of the largest news
organizations in the world — such as the Associated Press, New York
Daily News, New York Post and even Nando.Net, the premier news site of
the McClatchy newspaper chain — in monthly pageviews.

“By any standard you want to use, WorldNetDaily.com is one of the
fastest-growing websites in the world,” said Joseph Farah, chief
executive officer and editor of the Internet news service.

According to PCDataOnline, WorldNetDaily.com was the 89th
fastest-growing website in the world in any category for the week ending
Jan. 29 and the 53rd fastest-growing site the previous week. It is the
fastest-growing news site of any kind.

WorldNetDaily.com was also voted the most popular website in the
world for the 33rd week out of the last 42 on the Global 100 list. The Global 100 ranking is
based on active voting by tens of thousands of Internet users and is
more reflective of reader loyalty as opposed to actual number of users,
explained Farah.