The Clinton administration is engaged in a cover-up. Chinese
military officers are being allowed into the United States disguised as
civilians. One such civilian who toured America was the Chinese
military operations director at the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

In April 1993, only months after Bill Clinton and Al Gore took
office, Chinese army officers were invited to visit America. According
to Federal Aviation Administration documents, the Chinese Generals were
given personal tours of U.S. military bases, civilian air traffic
control centers and American defense contractor sites.

At one point, an anonymous Federal Aviation Administration official
marked “Deputy Chief of General Staff, PLA” next to a “Mr. Kui Fulin”,
and “Lt. General, PLAF” next to “Mr. Li Yongtai” on the China Air
Traffic Control Survey Delegation list. The unknown FAA officer hand
marked seven of the fifteen visiting Chinese civilians as “military.”

People’s Liberation Army Air Force Gen. Li Yongtai and army Gen. Kui
Fulin attended U.S. aviation functions listed as civilians; a Mr. Li
Yongtai and Mr. Kui Fulin, commissioners in the Air Traffic Control
Commission of China.

According to publicly available information, Kui was the Chinese
military operations director at the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.
Gen. Kui planned the open killing of thousands of unarmed civilians
using tanks and infantry.

In 1993, Kui was taken on a personal tour of Andrews Air Force Base,
the FAA air traffic center in Leesburg, Va., and the Boeing plant in
Seattle, Wash. He even had dinner with Boeing CEO Frank Shrontz.

After Seattle, the two Generals visited California. Curiously, Kui
and Li did not stay with the rest of the civil air traffic delegation on
a flight directly to Los Angeles. Instead, on April 15, 1993, they and
the other top members of the Chinese delegation were flown to Long

The official FAA itinerary states: “12:45 AM Depart Seattle: 5
members of delegation proceed to Butler Aviation for flight on MD 90 to
Long Beach (Messrs. Wang, Jiang, Kui, Li Yongtai and Li Keli); rest of
delegation proceeds to United Airlines flight 865 to Los Angeles
International Airport (McDonnell Douglas representative will assist with

Last time I checked Webster’s dictionary, “Messer” and “Mr.” are
titles given to civilians. The only data on Kui’s military status are
the handwritten notes on the official Clinton administration documents.

Still, the two Chinese generals did have time to return from Long
Beach to Los Angeles for dinner with U.S. Defense contractor McDonnell

“6:00 PM Dinner for entire delegation hosted by Mr. Robert Hood,
President of Douglas Aircraft company,” states the FAA document.

Did Boeing’s Shrontz or president Hood from Douglas actually know
they were having dinner with Chinese generals? Were Shrontz and Hood
aware that they shared fine wine, food and conversation with a ruthless

Boeing and McDonnell Douglas have since merged into one giant
aerospace company. Boeing/Douglas also sold military manufacturing
equipment directly to the Chinese air force under the false guise of a
civil air transport program. The Chinese facility that purchased the
equipment makes jet fighters and cruise missiles.

Were Shrontz and Hood aware that they were sharing military
technology with ruthless killers?

The 1993 visit by Kui Fulin, disguised as a civilian, is but one of
several such documented visits to the United States by Chinese army
officers. For example, the official “CAAC/FAA” 1997 air traffic
delegation list includes a “Mr. Li Zhongli” — also known as Sr. Col. Li
Zhongli of the Chinese Air Force.

Other military officers on the 1997 list include “Mr. Shi Yuanzhi” of
the Chinese air force and “Mr. Wang Changzheng” of the Chinese navy.
Another example is the July 1998 “Air Traffic Control Delegation” which
included “Mr. Xu (shoe) Xinde”, deputy chief of staff, Chinese army air
force, and “Mr. Fu (foo) Youyun,” director of the Aeronautical Control
Department for the Chinese army air force.

According to the FAA documents, more “Mr.”-type representatives from
China are scheduled to visit this year despite the so-called ban on
military-to-military contacts. Are frequent meetings like these really
a ban?

The FAA documents are not the only evidence that the Clinton
administration is lying to Congress and the American people about the
true nature of Chinese military contacts. The U.S. Commerce Department
frequently referred to Chinese General Huai Guomo in their public
documents as “Minister.”

In 1994, Commerce official Barry Carter wrote public letters to
“Minister” Huai Guomo at the Chinese Commission on Science, Technology
and Industry for National Defense, or COSTIND. Carter sought Minister
Huai’s help in order to sell American products in China.

In 1995, Carter wrote a private letter to “General Huai Guomo”,
thanking him for his efforts in arranging contacts with Chinese army
companies wishing to do business in the United States.

According to the General Accounting Office, “COSTIND” is a military
unit. In 1996, the General Accounting Office wrote that the Chinese
Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense,
“oversees development of China’s weapon systems and is responsible for
identifying and acquiring telecommunications technology applicable for
military use.”

There were frequent contacts between civilian appointees of the
Clinton administration and Chinese Generals of the People’s Liberation
Army. In Aug. 1994, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown met with Chinese army
General Shen Roujun and Loral Aerospace Chairman Bernard Schwartz.
Loral allegedly passed missile technology to the Chinese army.

The good news is that Loral is reported to be under Federal
investigation. The bad news is the investigation is led by typical
Clinton administration law enforcement hacks working for Janet Reno and
Louis Freeh. Bernard Schwartz, of course, is a million-dollar donor to
the 1996 Clinton/Gore re-election.

It should come as no surprise that many Chinese companies and
so-called civilian agencies are actually staffed, run and operated by
the People’s Liberation Army. What is disturbing is that the Chinese
military’s main line of business is death. American investments, and
exports to such companies arm the Chinese military and prepare them for

The strange combination of military Marxism and civilian capitalism
has always been good for business. According to Stratfor, an
intelligence/national security think tank, China is no longer a
communist state. China is now a Nazi state.

“The elite in Beijing abandoned Marxism and Maoism when the ‘right
deviationist’ Deng Xiao-Ping came (back) to power. The PRC, for all the
remaining trappings of socialism, has evolved into a fascist oligarchy,
and has clearly learned the benefits of exploiting the natural human
desires for profit, security, comfort, and status rather than trying to
obliterate them in Marxist-Leninist fashion,” states a December 1999
Stratfor report.

The new red China means profits, profits means business and business
is always good in a fascist oligarchy. Alas, history often repeats
itself and freedom is not always good for business.

In the 1930s, American companies were anxious to work with fascist —
National Socialist — Germany, Italy and Japan, placing profits before
U.S. national security. Ford Auto Company and the Standard Oil Company
found out that business with fascist Germany was great until September
1939, when Stuka dive-bombers began flying sorties over Warsaw.

Freedom and profits clearly don’t always mix. Some companies, such
as Ford, continued to run their businesses throughout the war with
Germany despite the slave labor work force supplied by SS guards.

In Germany, the SS quickly murdered any opposition to Hitler’s rise
to power. The SS eventually grew in size, from Hitler’s personal
bodyguards and assassins, into full divisions of elite troops. The same
SS soldiers murdered millions in the death camps of World War Two.

And what of China’s “SS” army? According to Stratfor, the red “SS”
army is alive and well.

“The separation of the Peoples Armed Police (the Party’s internal
security army) from the PLA and the regularization of the PLA into a
conventional fighting force is another example of the movement away from
popularly based communism towards autocratic fascism,” states the 1999
Stratfor report.

In 1989, the Chinese internal security army, a modern SS force,
executed the plans of Gen. Kui in an autocratic fascist act of mass
murder. Under Kui’s plan, thousands of innocent civilians were
slaughtered. That plan was approved at the highest levels in the
Communist Party.

Gen. Kui’s plan must have worked to the satisfaction of both Beijing
and Bill Clinton, since he was invited by the Clinton administration for
his 1993 visit to America.

Kui, much like his Nazi SS counterparts in 1939, also has the blood
of innocent human beings on his hands. The blood of Tiananmen Square
that now stains Bill Clinton and the American White House.

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