Hillary’s Senate campaign has given the world a glimpse into her
heart. What we have seen has not been pretty.

Last week, Hillary ate two free breakfasts at the Village House
Restaurant, a diner in Albion, N.Y. When Hillary finished stuffing her
face, she walked out without tipping the waitress. Turns out that the
waitress, Tricia “Tish” Trupo, is a 31-year-old single mother of an
11-year-old son and only makes $5,000 a year, before tips. She is so
poor that she can’t afford health insurance for her family. The irony of
Hillary’s actions speaks for itself.

Hillary has positioned herself as the protector of the poor and
downtrodden. She has fought to nationalize our health care system. She
has savaged the Republicans for being anti-poor. She wanted to keep more
Americans on welfare, and she really cares about the children.

However, when she had a chance to put her campaign contributors’
money where her mouth is, she just walked out. No tip, no thank you, no
nothing. When her cheapness became a campaign issue, she called the
waitress to apologize. However, even then she blew it, because she
didn’t say the magic words: “The tip’s in the mail.”

The good news is that Americans have a bigger heart than Hillary, and
hundreds of them have sent money to “Trish” Trupo to make up for
Hillary’s folly. Those who sent money represent the real America, a
country filled with people who walk their talk.

In a way, Hillary’s actions shouldn’t have surprised us. After all,
this advocate for the poor is the only unemployed person I know who
could qualify for a mortgage to buy a $1.7 million house. The evidence
is in — Hillary is all talk and no walk.

This is not the first time we have seen the other side of Hillary.
Remember her claim that the Monica Lewinsky affair was the result of a
“vast right-wing conspiracy?” Remember her saying that if the
allegations turned out to be true, they would be a serious matter? What,
pray tell, has she done to show that she meant what she said? What, pray
tell, has she done to prove that she is any different from her husband?

Hillary’s campaign has been a trail of errors and arrogance. When she
went to Israel to try to patch things up with New York’s Jews, she,
instead, insulted them. Before Hillary decided to move to N.Y. to try to
become a U.S. senator, she supported the PLO’s efforts to have an
independent state. That, by the way, is not what most American Jews

However, the Jewish vote is important in N.Y. state, so Hillary
decided that it was time to switch gears. The problem was, Hillary
didn’t do her homework. When she went to the Wailing Wall, the most
sacred religious site for Jews, she allowed her entourage to shove
praying women out of the way. If that wasn’t bad enough, when she
finished her “prayer,” she insulted all devout Jews by turning her back
on the Wailing Wall and just walking away. Why was that an insult?
Because the proper way to leave the Wailing Wall is to back away from
it, not turn your back on it.

Then there is the decision of Mr. Hillary to free Puerto Rican
terrorists against the opinion of the Justice Department and the FBI.
Mr. Hillary claims that he did not use the U.S. government to enhance
his wife’s chances to get elected. He also told us that he “didn’t have
sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” He lied about Monica;
why should we believe him about the terrorists?

Then there are heating oil subsidies. If you look carefully at what
Mr. Hillary is doing with this political issue, the pattern is obvious.
He released funds for New Hampshire a week before that primary, and Al
Gore won a close race. Now, just two weeks before the New York primary,
yep, you got it. The heating oil subsidies for the poor suddenly start
to flow.

It’s our money and our poor brothers and sisters. It saddens me, no,
it offends me that the tip-less Clintons are playing politics with
people’s lives so that one of them can continue in power.

I am saddened because what they are doing is so crass that it betrays
an absence of human compassion in their souls. I am offended because I
once considered them friends. After all, we were all Yale Law School
students together.

The sad reality is that they have violated the trust that I and so
many other Americans once had in them. It’s sad to see the moral and
spiritual bankruptcy of two people who once showed so much promise. But
then, maybe that will be their greatest gift to America, as poignant
examples of what we don’t want our children to become.

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