If Bill Clinton is the “Manchurian candidate,” who became president
with the help of the Communist Chinese government, then Al Gore is the
“Siberian candidate,” who may well become president thanks to his
family’s sweetheart relationship with the Soviet Union’s “capitalist

Al Gore Sr., the vice president’s Dad, got very wealthy by doing
political favors for a man named Armand Hammer.

Hammer was a personal friend of V.I. Lenin. He was known as Lenin’s
“path” to America’s financial resources — in other words, the guy who
would sell us the rope with which we would hang ourselves. Hammer was
the first Western businessman to participate in KGB-controlled joint
ventures in the Soviet Union. The son of Julius Hammer, a founder of the

Socialist Labor Party and later the Communist Party USA who served time
in Sing Sing for performing illegal abortions, Armand was called the
“Capitalist Prince” by the KGB. Hammer dutifully served the Soviets for
seven decades and became the first — and only — American “capitalist”
to be awarded the Order of Lenin.

According to Edward J. Epstein’s “Dossier: The Secret History of
Armand Hammer,” Lenin told Stalin this about Hammer: “This is a small
path leading to the American ‘business’ world, and this path should be
made use of in every way.”

To the Soviet Union in his day, Hammer was a figure with much in
common with the contemporary spy-cum-billionaire Mochtar Riady — doing
the bidding of socialist tyrants — and making a bundle in the process.
Hammer was part-time spy, part-time money-launderer, part-time
industrialist — but a full-time traitor to the United States of

And Hammer never could have made billions selling out the interests
of his country without the help of Al Gore Sr.

As Epstein documents in “Dossier,” the elder Gore helped Hammer make
connections with a series of U.S. presidents and used his influence to
help Hammer’s Occidental Petroleum company gain access to foreign
political leaders. But, most importantly, it was Gore who helped stop
the FBI from pursuing an investigation of the so-called “industrialist”
as a Soviet agent of influence.

His work on behalf of Hammer did not go unrewarded. When the elder
Gore retired from the Senate, he received a $500,000-a-year job as head
of Occidental’s coal division.

After the younger Gore was elected to Congress in 1980, he
continued a tradition begun by his father by inviting Hammer into the
“senators only” section during President Reagan’s inauguration. A story
I heard had Reagan deliberately turning away from Hammer who had
stretched his hand out to greet the new president.

Hammer died in 1990. Al Gore Sr. died in 1998. But Al Gore Jr. is
still benefiting big time from the four-decade relationship his father
enjoyed with Hammer. On the third page of Gore’s most recent financial
disclosure report is a figure of $20,000 he receives annually for
leasing land for zinc miners on a Tennessee estate he seldom visits.

Gore has received about $450,000 in cash from this source since 1974.

How? Well, it seems Al’s daddy leased some of his farmland to Hammer’s
company, Occidental Petroleum, for mining after zinc was discovered in
the area in the 1960s. In 1972, Occidental bought a nearby farm, plus
its mineral rights, for $160,000, at the request of Al Gore Sr.

After Hammer bought the land, he told Gore he only wanted the mineral

rights and sold the land to Gore in 1973 in the sweetheart of all
sweetheart deals. Gore got the property for the same price Hammer’s
company paid — $160,000 — but he received $20,000 annual payments for
the mineral rights. In just eight years, Gore was able to recoup his
investment in the land.

Al Jr. then paid his dad $140,000 for the land and the mineral lease
a year later.

No mining even took place on the property until 1985, but Gore has
collected $20,000 a year ever since he “bought” the land.

The Hammer-Gore legacy lives on in Al Gore Jr. — it even grows.

Imagine a president of the United States who was, in essence, a
red-diaper baby — born with a silver spoon in his mouth courtesy of the

Soviet Union’s bagman in America. That’s the story of the Gore family
fortune — not built on years of hard work, as Al Jr. would have you
believe, but rather on a cozy, long-term, incestuous relationship with
the Evil Empire.

An amazing story. It would make a great movie. If only Hollywood
still made those movies.

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