The Washington, D.C.-based legal action group
Judicial Watch has filed suit against Independent Counsel
Robert Ray, charging him with failure to properly execute his duties.

Ray, formerly a deputy in the independent counsel’s office, took over
the investigation of a spate of alleged Clinton administration criminal
violations from Kenneth Starr.

In its complaint filed under the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial
Watch claimed that answers Ray gave during a televised interview on
ABC’s “This Week” Sunday were tacit admissions that the independent
counsel had failed to interview key witnesses and review important
testimony before issuing his “Filegate” report last week clearing
President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing.

“In recent days, Robert Ray, the Democrat successor and former deputy
to Ken Starr, leaked and then forwarded a report on Filegate, before his
office even bothered to interview key witnesses,” Judicial Watch said
late yesterday.

Those witnesses include Linda Tripp, who has testified to the legal
action group and a court of law that she saw FBI files being loaded onto
Clinton-Gore White House computers, at the direction of Hillary Clinton.
Also included are Sheryl Hall and Betty Lambuth, the two whistleblowers
who revealed the White House had suppressed up to 1,000,000 e-mails and
hid about 457 disc drives containing allegedly incriminating evidence on
Filegate and other Clinton-Gore scandals.

Judicial Watch said Hall and Lambuth testified before the group’s
lawyers and the Court that officials in the Clinton-Gore White House
threatened anyone who spoke about the alleged obstruction of justice
with jail. Nevertheless, the watchdog group said, “Ray admitted that he
had not spoken with the whistleblowers before precipitously issuing his
Filegate report.”

Organization officials also said Ray admitted that the 900 or so FBI
files allegedly stolen at the behest of the Clinton administration were
still locked inside a White House vault, and that he was evasive but
nondescript when asked whether or not he had ever interviewed Tripp
before releasing his report.

Lawyers for the watchdog group say they wonder if Ray’s Filegate
determinations were “based on Attorney General Janet Reno’s offer not to
investigate charges of wrongdoing by Starr, Ray and their fellow
prosecutors, if Ray closed out his investigations” — in a kind of “quid
pro quo” deal that “was first reported by The Washington Post’s Roberto

In that June 6 story, “Justice Dept. Puts Starr Investigation on
Hold, Sources Say,” (Suro) reports that Attorney General Janet Reno
offered to not undertake a criminal ethics investigation of alleged
leaks in the Office of Independent Counsel, if he closed his

“The American people have been sold out by a Democrat prosecutor who
apparently wanted to save his own skin, and those of his colleagues,”
said Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. “Judicial Watch’s suit will
seek to obtain documentation about this subversion of justice, to force
whatever legal action is necessary.

“In the interim, Ray should resign,” said Klayman.

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