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Liberals outgunned over gay marriage

After learning that California’s gay marriage proposition failed by a 2-1
margin Tuesday, it is instructive to analyze what may have happened and why
— in one of the most liberal states in the union — this very leftist
concept went down in flames.

At first glance one might be tempted to believe that finally, after
decades of sliding down the liberal slope into further socialism and
anti-traditional morass, California might finally be edging back to reality.

If you believe that, get rid if it. Ain’t true.

California is, and likely will be for some time to come, a bastion of
ultra left-wing hysteria. What I suspect happened with this gay marriage
fiasco, however, is that a great number of self-proclaimed liberals voted
their conscience for a change.

The whole focus of modern “debate” over the issue of homosexuality has
routinely been mischaracterized by the establishment press and pundits as an
emerging phenomenon — an acceptance of a deviant lifestyle. Finally,
Americans have been told, after years of callous “tradition,” folks who are
gay can now “come out” because the realm of public opinion has finally
turned in their favor. We’re all willing to “accept” this lifestyle in all
its forms as just another “choice” among many.

But if that were true, California voters would have approved
same-sex marriages by a 2-1 margin, instead of defeating it by the same

My theory is that while California liberals speak approvingly of
homosexuality, they still regard marriage between a man and a woman as the
only legitimate union they’re willing to support. In other words, homosexual
marriage is still too deviant, even for them.

The expected liberal outcry of “intolerance” has already begun and it is
coming from the usual quarters who are using the same tired, worn out buzz
phrases and catch words. If this country weren’t so filled with ignorant
bigots, they charge, then heck, same-sex marriages — along with adult-child
marriages and sexual encounters, as well as human-animal marriages would
have long been considered “normal” by now.


The point is that even the most pointy-headed liberal pro-gay activist in
the state of California cannot ignore the fact that his or her own
colleagues threw this proposition in the trash where they — like the rest
of us who have always disagreed with it — know it belongs.

And though these people swear that this isn’t the final word on the
same-sex marriage issue — in California or any other state — I believe
that it is. Same-sex marriage advocates may see small victories here and
there but on the whole, they need to realize that the American people know a
bad idea when they see it.

In every “modern” society throughout history the pendulum of public
opinion has always swung both ways. As the country prepares to boot the
criminal Clinton administration out of the people’s White House — and
hopefully end the bunker mentality Clinton caused when he closed the street
out front — the pendulum is set to swing decidedly rightward from here on
out. Republicans proved that in California on Super Tuesday, when their
combined vote tallies outbid both Democrats by a margin of 51 to 47 percent.

The leftists won’t like that — they never do — but they’ve had their
moment in the sun. Millions of former supporters have been to the liberal
abyss during the Clinton years, and they didn’t like what they saw. With
Gore — a.k.a. Clinton Lite — on the horizon they know that things
will only get worse if he’s elected.

In a country like ours where choice is supposed to reign supreme, gay
couples are here to stay and there isn’t much we can do about that. We can,
however, praise God and California liberal democrats for knowing how
unnatural and deviant same-sex marriage really is. As the pendulum passes
the center and edges rightward, fewer people will be comfortable condoning
same-sex anything in a relationship, and that’s the way it was
supposed to be. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

If such a concept were really as “natural” as we’ve all been led to
believe, then I would imagine Clinton’s sexual dalliances in the White House
would have been with a male staffer instead of a female diet center washout
stuffed into thong bikini underwear. And though Hillary Clinton has been
billed as the true “man of the house,” she’s very much a woman and even a
pro-gay guy like our beloved president can appreciate that.