Conservatives all across the land are so excited over the prospect
that Texas Gov. George W. Bush could actually beat the pants off Vice
President Al Gore and the Democrats this November that, apparently, they
are more than willing to ignore the obvious criminal duplicity of their
own party.

“The most important thing is that a Republican wins the White House
this fall,” GOP party flaks tell us at every available opportunity. And,
naturally, as conservatives we’re just supposed to swallow that without
question. “Party loyalty,” and that sort of thing.

They tell us this for a variety of reasons, but chief among those is
that the Clinton administration is so full of criminals, low-life
lawbreakers, rule-benders, and treasonous liars that there is just no
way this country can afford another four years of Democratic rule. I
would agree with that assessment of the current Democratic regime. I
couldn’t imagine another four to eight years of the socialism I’ve seen
in the 1990s; this country would be a shell of itself by then if we were
still around.

But to be honest here, I don’t see much “reform” or even “opposition”
coming from Republican ranks these days. The latest GOP cave-in
absolving the Clinton administration and the Internal Revenue Service of
any culpability in launching a series of politically motivated “assault”
audits against conservative activist groups critical of Clinton’s
lawlessness is a perfect example.

If you didn’t see the story last week, I’m speaking about the cop out
of Rep. Bill Archer, R-Texas where, in the House Joint Committee on
Taxation’s oft delayed final report
he claimed that there was “no credible evidence” that Clinton sicced the
IRS on his political enemies, including this netpaper’s founding
organization, the Western Journalism Center.

I guess Archer and the Republicans don’t call an admission of same
from the auditing IRS agent (this came on orders from the White House)
and documents proclaiming same as “credible evidence.” Hoo, brother —
where have we heard that excuse before?

Led by Archer, (who lives in the same state as GOP presidential
hopeful George W. Bush, by the way) this committee made its
determination in spite of the facts. Despite solid, documentable and
tangible evidence that the White House ordered a politically
motivated IRS audit at least once (again, against WND’s Western
Journalism Center), committee Republicans still found “no
credible evidence” that such audits really happened.

No, of course they didn’t. And the Clintons had nothing to do with
Filegate either; nobody really hired Craig Livingstone to help
steal 900 Republican files. And Livingstone isn’t really a
well-documented buddy of the president and first lady, as former White
House counsel Bernard Nussbaum admitted to the FBI back in ’97.
Heck, no.

Oh, and Republicans as well as Democratic lawmakers don’t ever
sic the IRS on their political enemies, either.

If you believe that rubbish, I have a number of well-stocked grocery
stores in North Korea I’d like to sell you.

Meanwhile, Gov. George W. Bush blew a big fat chance to differentiate
himself from this criminal socialist rabble. Last week, after NRA
executive director Wayne LaPierre told the truth and said the Clinton
administration had blood on its hands for the firearms violence
committed in this country, Bush immediately rolled, whimpered, and gave
it up to the liberals who would love nothing more than to take every
damned gun in this country away from all of us — unless we’re soldiers
or cops or federal agents who are veterans of Waco.

Instead of using his vast media reach — something not usually
available to conservatives and Republicans — to inform Americans that
LaPierre was right, Bush folded. He could have pointed to all the
shameless hyping the Clinton spin machine uses to highlight every
shooting in this country. Then Bush could have cited the 40-something
percent decrease in federal gun law prosecutions over the past
few years to ask why, if Clinton wasn’t using those incidents to further
his political agenda, weren’t the existing laws being enforced? If
Clinton’s Justice Department was as serious as he says he is about
stopping gun violence “for the children,” then why isn’t he asking
Attorney General Janet Reno to get off her duff and step up enforcement
of federal gun laws, Bush could have asked.

Instead, he said LaPierre’s comments were just “too harsh” as he
worked to “distance himself” from that troublesome NRA.

And here I was looking forward to the end of the Clinton era. Now I
wonder why, with guys like this on the horizon.

If Republicans are not “clean” enough to hold blatant lawbreakers
responsible for what they’ve done; if Republicans cannot find their
“facts” with both hands; if Republicans will sell out the Second
Amendment; if Republicans will behave like those they accuse of behaving
badly; then where is the hope in electing more of them?

If the sole GOP presidential nominee cannot even find the political
wherewithal to stand up for a guy who is telling the God’s honest truth,
then how is this candidate supposed to hold up under the scrutiny of his
performance as president? How can a guy with no guts to tell it like it
is tell it like it is after he gets into office — where the
pressure to “compromise” is much more harsh?

Maybe the core Republican Party platform is still a valid alternative
to democratic socialism for conservatives in this country, but I’ll tell
you something — the current crop of GOP lawmakers is not the
answer to a free and prosperous America for the future.

These guys are just as compromised, just as dirty, just as weak, and
just as liable to break the law as the next Democrat is (then lie about
it). It’s time we got rid of them too, instead of continuing to believe
our only enemies, as conservatives, are those with a “D” behind their

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