Radio talk-show host Laura Schlessinger is one of the very few public
figures in America who has the courage to speak out loudly and clearly
about the dangers of the homosexual agenda. She is paying a heavy price
for telling the truth about a group of people who desperately don’t want
to hear it — and don’t want anybody else to hear it.

The awesome truth she tells is that homosexuality is a “deviant
lifestyle,” that treatment is available, that thousands have changed
their lives, and that same-sex marriage undermines traditional family

It’s no small thing to take on the homosexual lobbyists and
activists. They have put together one of the most massive and effective
propaganda machines ever assembled. They are to be congratulated for
conducting a highly successful program of propaganda, idea suppression,
intimidation and advocacy.

A part of the strategy is the suppression of opposing views. Fear,
not assent, accounts for the lack of criticism of homosexuality. Any
challenge to homosexual propaganda is forbidden, particularly in
government schools, on college campuses, in progressive churches, in the
entertainment industry, in most of the news media including network
television and major newspapers, in political forums, and in various
other places where “correct thinking” is paramount, and the truth is
irrelevant, if not noxious. Uncontested and unchallenged pro-homosexual
propaganda is in your face and everywhere you look.

For bravely speaking out, Dr. Laura has been pilloried, labeled,
blackballed, ridiculed and physically threatened. Few even dare to
defend her.

Voltaire has been given credit for declaring, “I disapprove of what
you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The
homosexual movement in America is marching under a banner that might as
well read, “I disapprove of what you say, and will use any means to
prevent you from saying it.”

There is a reason for the campaign of censorship and vilification. It
is required to keep alive the lies and myths about homosexuality that
have been systematically introduced into the American mind-set.

The most fundamental of these lies is the lie that scientific
evidence supports the idea that homosexuals are born that way. Despite
extensive research, the case has not been made that a homosexual is
anything other than a sexually disoriented male or female.

The lie that homosexuals are born, not made, is deeply insidious and
dangerous. In order to sustain the lie, homosexual groups, in an act of
extraordinary selfishness, not only disparage but actively suppress any
discussion of therapy, even for homosexuals who are unhappy and want to

Homosexual activists attack any attempt to communicate the wonderful
reality that thousands of unhappy homosexuals have successfully
reoriented their lives, thanks to the efforts of organizations such as
the National Association for Research and Therapy of
, a large and growing group of
professional therapists and scientists who know homosexuality can be

And they demean the efforts of Exodus International North
, a flourishing organization
of ex-homosexuals who have freed themselves from a way of living they
abhorred. They changed their behavior, not their biology and genes.

So much for the homosexual claim that in their pursuit of civil
“rights,” they are just like blacks. Do you know any ex-blacks?

A word for mothers and fathers: If you believe your child was not
born a homosexual, and therefore, will never become one, yours is a
dangerous illusion. If you aren’t concerned about homosexual teachers,
scoutmasters and role models, if you don’t care that homosexuality is
promoted in your child’s school, and if you think that sexual
orientation is fixed and your child cannot be seduced into
homosexuality, you are deeply and dangerously wrong. You are running the
risks of seeing your child fall into a high-risk, dead-end lifestyle,
and seeing your hope for grandchildren flushed down the drains of a San
Francisco bathhouse.

Please listen carefully. The essential and simple truth that I intend
to repeat until it breaks through is this: The human sex drive is
extraordinarily powerful. It may, at an early age, become
inappropriately and steadfastly affixed to underwear, corpses, animals,
children, footstools and members of the same sex.

No society in its right mind would do anything to encourage or allow
the formation of these aberrations. Nor would any informed parent.

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for telling your listeners the truth about the
homosexual agenda, and standing strong against efforts to shut you up
and put you down. Millions of your fans look forward to your new
television show scheduled to start next fall, and sincerely hope that
efforts of homosexuals to black out your message will not succeed.

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