The Left (both Democrat and Republican, but especially the major
media) is in an uproar over George W. Bush’s speaking at Bob Jones
University in Greenville, S.C. This is a Christian fundamentalist
university of high academic reputation started early in the 20th century
by a clean-living, courageous Methodist evangelist who had more
Christian character and integrity in his pinky than most moderns
(including professed Christians) do in their whole bodies. BJU has
unwaveringly defended basic Christian orthodoxy throughout its long

In addition, it is vocally anti-Roman Catholic and forbids
interracial dating. The latter practice is not permitted on campus. In
fact, for many years blacks were not permitted to enroll in BJU, though,
according to the administration, this had nothing to do with
discrimination. Being opposed to interracial dating, the school
believed that an interracial student body would threaten its convictions
against interracial dating. Whatever we may think of these views and
practices, they were a staple of conservative Protestantism (and not
only conservative Protestantism) in the South when the school was
founded. All these years, BJU has tried hard to preserve its
theological heritage, including its opposition to Roman Catholicism and
interracial dating.

Statists on the left, it just so happens, are rarely interested in
the integrity of anybody’s heritage, particularly if it’s orthodox
Christian, and about two decades ago the federal government revoked
BJU’s tax-exempt status. Rather than buckle to the feds, BJU replied,
“Take a hike.” The feds finally encountered an institution they couldn’t
buy off with tax exemption. They — and their collaborators on the left
— were incensed.

The Chalcedon Foundation, where I hang
my hat, is on record as disagreeing with BJU on a number of beliefs and
practices. This doesn’t diminish our estimate of the school’s basic
Christian validity. Similarly, one need not agree with BJU on its view
of Roman Catholicism and interracial dating to agree that the feds are
tyrants, and BJU is the object of discrimination by a politically
correct regime. Nobody twists anybody’s arm to attend BJU and abide by
its long-standing rules. But the feds twist BJU’s arm because it
refuses to cry “Uncle” at their coercive, politically correct

Now, lately, certain puny political operatives on the left (including
some in John McCain’s campaign) come along trying to transform George W.
Bush’s appearance at BJU into a referendum on “the extreme right wing.”
How silly. For one thing, conservative presidential candidates (much
more conservative than George W.) have accepted invitations to BJU for
decades. Why only in 2000 this has become a campaign issue is
mystifying. For another thing, the hypocrisy from the left on this
issue is nauseating. Nobody is slamming Al Gore and Hillary Rodham for
cozying up to real racists like the “Rev.” Al Sharpton. BJU’s
opposition to interracial dating is not necessarily a racist
perspective; it may be, but it need not be. Many comments by Sharpton
and others on the left, however, are certainly racist. Racism has a
warm reception on the left (see the liberal Jim Sleeper’s book, “Liberal

The Left’s hypocrisy doesn’t stop there. Its newfound indignation at
anti-Catholicism is particularly repulsive. After all, what group is
more anti-Catholic than Protestant conservatives? Political liberals,
of course.

No, the issue here is not fundamentalist racism, but orthodox
Christianity. There is a growing intolerance of orthodox Christianity
in this country — far exceeding BJU’s intolerance of Roman
Catholicism. This intolerance now infests the Republican Party, not
just the more vocal left. The Republican wine-and-cheese set want big
budget surpluses, “managed” free trade, and unencumbered immorality:
“We’ll tolerate big government, just as long as it doesn’t mess with our
stock options and sex lives. ‘Cut taxes and cut morality’ — that’s our
campaign pledge.” The liberals (both major parties, as well as the
“Reform” Party) are raw statists whose messianic dreams are upset by
devout Christians who refuse to bow the knee to godless state tyranny.
Bob Jones University stands as a perpetual rebuke to these leftists. It
says, “There is an authority higher than you. We will obey God rather
than man.”

The left despises this. The left worships man. This is the
cardinal creed of the Liberal Religion. It worships man’s standards,
his laws, and his aspirations. Liberals can’t abide the God of the
Bible who demands obedience to His Law in the Bible. They are moral
anarchists. Therefore, they attack any church or religious institution
that stands for God’s absolute authority. Since they can’t get to God,
they assault those Christians who visibly submit to Him. George W. and
BJU are not the ultimate target of the left.

It’s God they’re really after.

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