In his WorldNetDaily debut Saturday, veteran journalist and gadfly John Lofton interviews Dr. Craig T. Palmer, an anthropology instructor at the University of Colorado and co-author of the new book, “A Natural History Of Rape: Biological Bases Of Sexual Coercion.”

Without doubt, the controversial tome has created quite a stir in the media, with Palmer and co-author Dr. Randy Thornhill, Regent’s professor at the University of New Mexico, being attacked from all sides. Lofton doesn’t play soft either; cutting right past whether rape is natural, he asks Palmer if rape is good or bad. Easy question to answer perhaps, but Palmer’s answers and Lofton’s challenges are sure to intrigue.

Also coming Saturday, Jerry Falwell takes issue with recent assaults on the religious right by Sen. John McCain, Vice President Al Gore and Clinton apologist James Carville, saying that such attacks have actually done more to energize religious conservatives than anything since the candidacy of Ronald Reagan.

“In other words,” says Falwell, “the tactic to weaken the political impact of people of faith has failed.” Read how and why and what it means this coming election in Saturday’s WND.Commentary.

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