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Sailing Noah's Ark into the present

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KARABALA, Turkey — In Stephen King’s epic novel, “The Stand,” 99.6 percent of America and the world are killed off by a biological weapon unleashed from a U.S. Military installation in California. God’s people, “the remnant,” come together in the “Free Zone” in Boulder, Colo., under the titular leadership of a 108-year-old, black-Bible fundamentalist named Abagail Freemantle. The evil people left from the Super Flu come together in Las Vegas around Randall Flag, the Antichrist. When Mother Abagail speaks about the main philosophy of the remnant in their battle with the Antichrist, she immediately calls to mind Noah, his Ark, the Great Flood and the remnant of that day.

“I don’t know what happened after the Flood went down,” she says. “But I am sure that there must have been a tussle for their minds … for their way of thinking.”

And so, after I conducted my own private search for Noah’s Ark in recent weeks, and spent time on Mount Ararat and the surrounding region, I have come to the conclusion that the remnant of this latter day — be they in Texas or Thailand, Denmark or Djibouti — must similarly steel their minds against the wiles of the Adversary.

Mass insanity?
It is a common theme I hear as I travel around the world. “Is it just me or am I losing my mind? Do others too know that Western Judeo-Christian civilization, and the world — is dying?” Surely the future of Christian civilization is in the hands of the saints in Sudan and China — after 2,000 years of European domination. And it hurts to acknowledge the squandering of that greatest of legacies. But that’s OK. Jesus wasn’t blonde. In fact he probably looked more like Saddam Hussein than Troy Aikman.

“I must be going crazy!” Yes, I hear it from Cambodians who can’t seem to even convict a single Khmer Rouge soldier for the genocide at the Killing Fields. I hear it from the Hmong of Laos, Christian Montagnards in Vietnam. The cries of the righteous standing in the gap in Thailand, the Karen of Burma, The Zulus and Afrikaners of South Africa, from UNITA in Angola, in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

Can all of these people, from such diverse cultures and religions and backgrounds be wrong? The answer is simple. No, they are not.

Jesus told us that the events surrounding the Second Coming would resemble the world situation at the time of Lot and Sodom and of Noah and the Ark. This is spoken plainly in Luke 17. We don’t know much of what happened back then. Only that Lot was “just” and “vexed on all sides at the evil which surrounded him.” Noah preached righteousness and built an Ark while being mocked, since, up until that time, it had never rained. The Bible says that the reason for the Great Flood was that, “the earth was filled with violence.” Also there is the cryptic and troubling reference to the Nephelim, the great “Sons of God” who married with the daughters of men. The offspring they produced was so terrible and evil that God had to destroy the world.

So now let me pose this question: Do you feel your sanity under attack on a daily basis? Are you vexed on all sides like Lot by the evil which surrounds you, your family and community?

And is it just me or has it been mounting steadily since 1993? Was it OJ? Or Rodney King receiving millions after driving stoned and drunk over 100 mph through a residential neighborhood? The L.A. riots and the plight of Reginald Denny? Or the PC eco-freaks? Or the FBI crime lab manufacturing evidence? Or Waco or Ruby Ridge? Or Elian? Or Clinton paying off comrade Yeltsin — he who once ran the Siberian gulags — with IMF billions? No money for food, but plenty to build the Kursk, Akula, new ICBMs and stealth bombers! Or are you somewhat troubled about the Chinese cleaning house at Los Alamos while both they and the Russians threatened America with nuclear war?

Or does Al Bundy get to you on “Married with Children”? Or is it the burn-down-the-theater filth of “South Park” that’s got your dander up? Don’t forget cute freckle-faced Neve Campbell and “The Craft,” directed by a radical homosexual man who uses the film to teach young teens how to worship Satan and slit their wrists “the right way”? Or is it Winny Mandela and Father Aristide with their tires filled with petrol set afire around the necks of their enemies that gives you indigestion? Or Nelson Mandela and his Church Street bombings of babies at rush hour and the Shell House massacre of unarmed Zulus that has confused you about his acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Or that a known-womanizer and alleged rapist was elected not once, but twice to the presidency of the United States — all the while the general public knew of his misdeeds? Or is it the pathetic Republican opposition and their globalist agenda? Or the bogus impeachment over sex instead of gross treason vis-a-vis Red China?

Concerned about the Balkanization of the United States and Europe? Did you know that by the time Rome fell to Attila the Hun (who had been educated in tactics and paid off in gold while being schooled in Rome’s finest military academy) there were more slaves than Romans in Rome? In those days, the Romans threw unwanted children to the dogs (before fetal tissue research) and hard work was considered unworthy, fit only for slaves. Of course Jesus redeemed the idea of work with his carpentry.

Is it just me, or is it hard to find decent, honest workers to come into your home and get the job done right these days? Are people happy in their work? Or do Americans in general seem an incredibly unhappy people.

And while we are on the subject, are you bothered by the new slaves — the Third World workers, many of them Christians laboring in Chinese gulags to make your toys? Do you like using items stained with the blood of the saints? Do you ever feel like Pontius Pilate? Unable to wash that blood off of your hands?

Do you get sick when you go to the mall and look at the youth, their baggy gang pants, body piercings and tattoos? Or is it the public schools and the New Age violence that goes on inside its walls? Or is it the graffiti “artists” who assault your senses on the walls outside of the schools near your home, community and place of business? Or is it how America spends more money than any industrialized nation, yet has the lowest test scores in math and science?

Perhaps what is bothering you is a system of advancement based on race and gender, rather than merit and what that has done to 1) your career, happiness and children’s future and 2) our military and intelligence community. Not to mention the blue-orange rage it has engendered into the new victims of political correctness — this, despite the scolding we received from Gen. Colin Powell at the 2000 Republican Convention. Does this man think we’re that stupid? Or is he that out of touch with reality? Perhaps Jesse Jackson was right after all; maybe we should “Stay out the Bushes” after all.

You, of course, understand that no amount of White House spin, Republican greed or high-tech stock binges can undo the reality. Our leaders may well be acting like children, closing their eyes and pretending that they can somehow change reality by getting the masses to participate in the same mass delusion. Don’t buy it.

The end of sanity
Tired? Confused? Bewildered? Demoralized? Feel alone? Odds against you? Feel like Caligula with a microwave? I understand. I hear you howl like the Alaskan wolf. They took your tundra and Northern Lights and tossed them into the depths of the ocean. And now you paw away at the concrete jungle until the blood drips from your balled-up fists.

You stopped watching sports, the Olympics and television long ago. You get strange looks from people when you try and articulate your feelings. I know. I know who you are. You are black and white and Arab and Indian. You are Aborigine and English. You are Afrikaner and Puerto Rican. You are not alone. You have more friends than you know. You are not losing you mind. Don’t worry about your sanity. Lot would understand you. Noah would understand you. Mother Abagail would understand you.

Yes, we have seen the vision of the elite, as Thomas Sowell — perhaps the greatest political and cultural thinker in modern times — has called it.

It goes like this. Women in the army being raped by their own drill sergeants, not to mention the enemy POW camps of the future. Every child having sex and the Sodomite agenda rammed down their throats. Every teen-ager sexually active, and many burdened with disease, abortions, AIDS, and broken minds, dreams and emotions. No two-parent family. No security. No home. No savings and lots of credit card debt — including stocks purchased on credit at 20 percent interest. No babies, no marriage. Just one great big MTV rock video.

But that is only the beginning — because you need to have an “election” in which the truth-speaking mavericks like Pat Buchanan and Ralf Nader get almost zero coverage, in U.S. and abroad as the Ministry of Truth flexes its collective muscles. Something gnawing at your insides tells you that we can’t pull out of this moral nosedive in the way that Reagan and Thatcher managed to temporarily stay the course in the U.S. and the UK in the early 1980s. As Chuck Baldwin has stated, perhaps America has “passed the point of no return.”

Now comes the hard part. I call it the new guard dogs of Birmingham. In the 1960s, the German Shepherds were sent out to bite mostly Christian black Americans who just wanted to be treated like ordinary citizens who loved God and country. It was an evil and wrong and shameful time. Yet today the German Shepherds are still biting. And they sink their teeth into you in the following manner:

They bite you when they attack your sanity. You can’t understand why watching people suffer injuries on America’s Funniest Home Videos isn’t funny. You can’t understand why the economy booms when both morals and educational standards are in decline. But it’s the machines and the button pushers and electronic money pushers of debt who are running this version of the Monopoly game. They follow their guru, the British economist John Maynard Keynes who, in the 1930s, told the world’s leaders that it is the responsibility of Western governments to deficit spend their way to prosperity. When it was pointed out to him that this system was, in the long run, unsustainable, Keynes simply replied, “In the long run we are all dead anyway.” Keynes was right, perhaps when the rockets which took us to the moon to play nine holes come tumbling down from North Korea, China, Russia and Iran with their nuclear and biological payloads.

Selling mankind
But before that day comes — and I pray it doesn’t — we have to grab onto a slice of unreality. And that unreality says that a system with lower educational standards and weaker morals is actually more economically productive. We need a permanent underclass to fight our wars and languish in our courts and prisons. We need the underclass to play NFL football for us in brand new sports stadiums while people sleep in cardboard boxes in the parking lot. We need the bread and circuses because once the people lose their virtue, they no longer care who rules them — just keep the food stamps, credit cards and government subsidies coming.

We need a human-based bioeconomy complete with aborted fetuses for multi-billion dollar eugenic tissue research. We need organ harvesting, even though, like the Barbie Doll you bought for your niece, it is stained with the blood of the saints. And this bloody path slapped you across the face when you saw Christopher Reeve — Superman, the man who sought “Truth, Justice and the American Way” — lobby in Congress on behalf of abortion at nine months for fetal tissue research.

Superman has now become Neitzsche’s “Uberman.” Can there be any single element of the total meltdown of Western Civilization more ironic, more pathetic, more heart-breaking and more terrifying that that one? A close second was watching the world fawn over the death of Princess Diana — she of the colonics, shopping, self-mutilation and adultery — while ignoring Mother Teresa’s passing.

The Book of Revelation says that the Kingdom of the Antichrist will traffic (trade?) in the bodies and souls of men. Could that mean the sale of the human genome? Genetic engineering? Will you be able to attach electrodes to your body one day soon and have virtual reality sex with Claudia Shiffer, or perhaps feel what it was like for Troy Aikman to play quarterback in the Super Bowl? If so, do you want to live to see it? Or do you really believe God will allow things to get that far — man creating a “new man’ in man’s own image? If so, is this what the Nephelim did? Were they perhaps mental and scientific giants? After all, God said he struck down the Tower of Babel, for if he didn’t soon, man “would be able to accomplish anything.” Might not the definition of “anything” include genetic engineering?

But we’re just getting warmed up, and you can’t cover your face and ears and say, “This isn’t happening! This isn’t happening!”

It’s been happening for a long time — since Marx and Hegel and Darwin and Freud dropped their thought bombs on Western man so long ago. World War I and World War II destroyed the European Colonial system which ruled the world for so many centuries — the eventual fruit of Noah’s “fair” son Japheth. And now Western civilization has decided to substitute that grand era for you with our high-tech, fast-paced, Madison-Avenue, Hollywood-cleavage, NAMBLA-loving, overly-tolerant, perversion-preferred, modern-day U.S. society. And you just can’t take it.

You are just waking up to the fact that it took thousands of years to go from the slavery of Pyramid building in Egypt to the Magna Carta and then to the Declaration of Independence and the Emancipation Proclamation. And now it has taken only 50 years or so to march right back to the Pyramids, this time building them for the transnational corporations.

But honesty speaking, didn’t you realize by the end of the Cold War, there were far more committed Christians living in Russia and China than in the West? Yes, you are living under Caligula with a microwave. And Caligula knows that men can never be free. Because they are weak, corrupt, worthless and restless. Caligula appeases your conscience. And if he can do that, he can take away your freedom. Caligula gives you happiness and you give him authority. He rules over you in God’s name while taking away your freedom under the guise of mob rule/democracy.

As my brilliant and erudite colleague J.R. Nyquist has pointed out, Caligula has made billions of dollars while destroying the national morals and intelligence of our people. And We the People can’t see there is a real wasteland born of nuclear fire waiting just beyond the moral wasteland. We the People don’t know because we can’t know. We are no longer spiritually or intellectually fit enough to comprehend the bend in the road. Many of the stars you watch at night burned out millennia ago, but they are so far away that their light is still traveling to us. God might have pulled the plug millions of years ago, and no one would know it. Similarly, Caligula has pulled the plug on our civilization, but his minion running the “New Economy” aren’t ready to pull back the curtain of night, and show you that the brilliant stars you called your IRA and mutual funds were just empty pinholes

An Ark for the 21 century
As you internalize all of the evil and the madness, don’t forget to take refuge in Noah and his Ark. He understands your concerns. They are legion. Yes, Al Gore wants to eliminate your gas-powered lawn mower, but won’t ask the Russians to stop dumping entire nuclear reactors into the Arctic sea. Noah understands that a bizarre cult like Aum Shinrikyo or even an earthquake in Tokyo could collapse the global economy — keeping in mind it has crashed three times in the past four years, only to have been artificially pumped up by the Greenspan Clan.

Noah understands why the top dramas on the major networks like to portray the born-again black preacher as a child molester and murderer. They want the righteous black preacher, just like they took down Reggie White and Dieon Sanders. Noah understands why Caligula wants to soak himself in the blood of the patriot, home-schooler and gun owner. Caligula wanted those living in the catacombs 2,000 years ago, and now he wants you — the Judeo Christian soldier. The sole bearer of sanity.

The fiercest enemy is the man with nothing left to lose. I’ve been around the entire world now. And, everywhere I go, the resistance movement grows and focuses like a laser. Don’t lose heart. The hour of payback is approaching. Don’t fear the reaper — rather fear that evil which the reaper has come to destroy.

You no longer believe their lies. You realize that the nation-state is not the ordinary order of affairs for mankind — in fact it is a relatively new and unsustainable concept. You realize that the power of the multinational corporations is a long rope stretching back to the many empires that have controlled the trade of the world through history. The Knights Templar were the world’s first modern multinational corporation, who owned Cyprus and a swath of Eastern Europe while operating St. Mary’s hospital in Jerusalem. But the nation-state and the multinational corporation, you understand, was just our pathetic little substitute for the real and only plan for God and man. In the beginning there was Moses and his tribes. And God led them from behind a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. But that wasn’t enough for man. He wanted a king, even a king who would tax them, take their sons for soldiers and steal their daughters as concubines. And those kings gave way to nations, who in turn have now given way to Union Carbide, Microsoft and Ford.

Daniel wrote that the Lord, speaking of the End Times said, “I shall raise the basest of men to rule over you.” And Revelation claims that these men “will be of one mind.” Yet you are not a part of the Great Delusion spoken of in II Thessalonians 2, nor the character of man in the end times spoken of in II Timothy 3. And you are not a part of the lifestyle spoken of in Galatians 5 which states clearly who will NOT be saved.

The war
Who will put the dogs — the ones who are busy biting you — to sleep? Or do you want to keep letting them bite you until the rapture comes? Who will put the chains and orange coveralls on the criminals who are presently running the United States of America? Who will shut down the transmitter which sends MTV’s filth to the ends of the earth? Who will take on the globalists? Who has the mind to visualize the way things really should be?

But first you must see it as the ordered future. For the justice of the righteous is the future. The victory is ours if we would only claim it. We are soldiers in a great war, like it or not. And as you know, war is the central organizing principle of every society. And yes, we have a new world to build. We need to get busy building, like Noah, because this world is dying.

Noah and his Ark represents all that is good in God and man. We must remember that we must become like children to enter the Kingdom. Have you noticed the way that children naturally take to animals? In our hearts we hold onto the rainbow — which tells us that judgement, not by water, but rather by fire is to come. Until then, we are in the world, but not of the world. We recall that the Bible tells us that Lot has sex with his daughters, and that Noah was possibly sexually abused by one of his sons, leaving us open to the notion that perhaps even the very best of the remnant — then or now — can’t help but be tainted by the evil of the world we live in.

Still yet, we hold onto a timeless God, who by the existence of the shark and crocodile, unchanged for time immemorial, shows us that He too us unchanging, and that we surely did not evolve from apes, but rather all of us, white, black, brown yellow and red, are all brothers and sisters, fearfully and wonderfully made in his image.

So during my recent expedition in Turkey, I may not have discovered the Ark but I did rediscover the concept of Judgement Day and seeking righteousness so as to stand firm on that day. Standing at the Durupinar site and at the summit of Mt. Ararat made all of my days of struggle as a journalist worthwhile. Even the times when I had to sell my blood and plasma just to buy food.

And when I speak of such things, no doubt I might well be speaking Farsi to the Lost World. Just as Noah couldn’t get across his point. Rain? Flood? Until that day, it had never rained a single drop in all the world. Hank Williams Jr. sang of it, “The preacher man says it’s the end of time!” President Reagan officially inquired of it.

It is said that great minds focus on ideas. Mediocre minds focus on events, and poor minds focus on people. This may well be true. But then phrase “Noah’s Ark” embodies all three — an idea, an event and people. Judgement Day and Noah and his Ark are an important topic. Perhaps the most important of all topics, for they show us the need for righteousness and hope. And we know that hope is perhaps the best of all things.

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