Continuing its dramatic growth surge, has achieved
another milestone, having moved up to the #8 position among all news
sites on

Updated monthly, the website ranking service — based on research
data from PCDataOnline, a leading
Internet research firm — has ranked WorldNetDaily in the ‘Top 9’ news
sites — as number 9 — since’s inception in December.

Last month, with 180,000 “unique users” — the number of different
people who visit a website — WND ranked just behind National Public
Radio’s, which had 181,000. With the release of PCDataOnline’s
March listings, however, dropped slightly to 178,000, while WND
shot way ahead to 243,000 unique users — putting it firmly in the
number 8 spot.

Also, for the week ending March 18, WorldNetDaily moved up from its
January ranking of 3,821 among all websites of any sort worldwide, to
number 2,742 in February, to 1,809 in March — a huge increase by any

During the same week, WND’s unique users were ranked at 121,000 —
the netpaper’s highest tally ever for a one-week period. There were also
1,511,000 page views during the one-week period, and the average time
spent by readers was 30 minutes and 9 seconds, making WND the 4th
“stickiest” news site on the Internet for the week.

Currently, the “Top 9” news sites as ranked on according to
the all-important measure of “unique users,” are, in order:,,,,,,, and

WorldNetDaily is the only one of the Top 9 news sites that has moved
up in rank this month. Moreover, of all the top 9 news sites, only the
independent WorldNetDaily is not owned by a major corporation or
subsidized by the government.

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