In an exclusive WorldNetDaily column in today’s edition, Johnny Chung, former conduit of illegal Chinese military money to President Clinton, outlines his eyewitness account of Vice President Al Gore soliciting campaign funds from inside the White House.

Chung attended a business leadership forum hosted by the Democratic National Committee in 1995 at the Hay-Adams Hotel, located just across the street from the White House. After the lunch meeting concluded, the two dozen businessmen in attendance were led to the White House where they met with the vice president.

According to Chung, whose column includes photos of himself and Gore at the meeting, Gore emphasized the importance of “major American businessmen [raising] money for political ads.”

“Now if that isn’t solicitation of campaign funds, I don’t know what is,” Chung writes.

Attended by high-ranking DNC fund-raisers and White House staff, the meeting also included Clinton-Gore fund-raiser Charlie Trie, who is seen in one of Chung’s photos.

Chung also reveals additional information regarding Gore’s Buddhist Temple fund-raising scandal. Seeking to clarify whether or not participants in the so-called “community outreach” event knew they were attending a fund-raiser, Chung recently interviewed fellow members of the Chinese-American community living in the southern California neighborhood of the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple.

His conclusion: Attendees were very well aware the event was to raise money for the Democrat Party.

Chung, who fully cooperated with U.S. law enforcement officials, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after pleading guilty to violations of campaign finance laws, has harsh words for the vice president.

“Maybe you’ve spent too much time with [President] Clinton,” Chung writes. “Your mind has become like his – changing facts when they’re inconvenient and dodging responsibility by letting others, like [Maria] Hsia, take the fall for you.”

Hsia was convicted this month for illegally raising $50,000 from the Buddhist Temple event, a meeting which Gore now claims was a “mistake.”

WND repeatedly solicited comments from Vice President Gore’s office – which required questions in writing — but as of the time of publication, no responses have been forthcoming.

Chung will discuss his meeting with Vice President Gore and the Buddhist
Temple this morning on Fox News Channel at 1:10 Eastern and 10:10

Read Johnny Chung’s column:

Time for Gore to own up

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