Since the presidential race has narrowed dramatically, WorldNetDaily
is asking readers to help prepare for its second in-depth survey of the
presidential candidates.

Readers may post their questions for the candidates on WND’s
interactive forum, “Ask the Presidential Candidates.” The best questions will
be forwarded to the presidential candidates, and their answers reported
in WorldNetDaily.

“It’s time to take a closer look at the remaining candidates. Who are
their advisors, what are their affiliations, and what is their real
track record?” said Joseph Farah, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily. “At
this point, voters need to know not just canned policy positions, but
who is whispering in the ear of each candidate. Who will their likely
advisors and cabinet members be, should they be elected president?”

WND’s first candidate survey
consisted of 10 hard-hitting policy questions such as, “Do you believe
government has a constitutional right to collect a percentage of
citizens’ earnings? If so, is there an appropriate maximum cap?”

Other questions related to candidates’ position on U.S. membership in
the United Nations, the use of executive orders and interpretation of
the Constitution.

Several candidates answered voters’ direct questions, though others
chose to avoid commitment to a policy position by refusing to complete
the survey. Most notable was Vice President Al Gore’s response.

Gore’s press secretary said WorldNetDaily asked “some real good
questions, but real complex questions pertaining to jurisprudence, and
we can’t comply in the time frame you allowed us.”

Candidates had been given more than a month to formulate their
answers, and despite few dollars and even fewer staff members, smaller
campaigns returned completed surveys within the allotted time frame.

Questions have continued to be collected in the “Ask the
Presidential Candidates”
forum, and WND plans to
present its second survey to the candidates next month. Editors choose
what they consider the best questions from the hundreds submitted by
participants in the forum to create candidate surveys.

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