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For the 40th week, WorldNetDaily.com has been voted the most popular
website of any category, according to Global100.com,
which compiles votes submitted by visitors rating products and web
services of all kinds. Global 100.com is the new name, now under
European ownership, for what was WorldCharts.com.

In addition to Global100’s rankings, which represent a strong measure
of reader loyalty, WND has consistently been ranked as one of the
“stickiest” news sites on the World Wide Web. A more scientific measure
of loyalty, “stickiness” is the industry term for the average length of
time visitors stay on a website. During the week ending March 18, the
average time spent by WorldNetDaily readers was over 30 minutes —
making WND the 4th “stickiest” news site on the Internet for that week.

Currently, WND is ranked as number 8 among all news sites in the
world, according to Top9.com’s rankings, which are
based on data from industry polling heavyweight PCDataOnline. The top
nine news sites, according to Top9.com, are, in order: MSNBC.com,
CNN.com, ABCnews.com, CNBC.com, FOXnews.com, BBC.com, 4NEWS.com,
WorldNetDaily.com and NPR.org.

PCDataOnline surveys “unique users” from a panel of over 105,000
real-time home users of the Internet — the largest domestic home panel
of any Internet measurement firm.

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