Last week we talked about (bad) movies. Now let’s talk about a good
one. The only difference between this one and the one I talked about
last week is that this movie is real.

Opening scene: A Southern California businessman is standing in his
driveway at approximately eight o’clock in the evening when a black car
pulls up. Before the man can say or do anything, an individual gets out
of the car, walks up to the man and shoots him in the face. The car
races away.

Two days later, the partner of the businessman (who is now
languishing in the hospital, miraculously alive) commits suicide. The
man is a doctor, a family man, an all around good guy, who lives in the
squeaky-clean community of Irvine, Calif.

Now the story gets weird. When police come to investigate, they find
— buried on the doctor’s property — a huge cache of illegal automatic
weapons. Not to mention enough C-4 to blow up the entire neighborhood.

In fact, the doctor’s entire neighborhood is evacuated — the
residents of the community being put up at the posh Marriot hotel, while
the doctor’s family tells the news they are totally in shock. They
appear to be telling the truth.

The investigation turns up some interesting facts — most of which go
nowhere, but in and of themselves smell of something, well … evil.

Number one, the doctor is a high-ranking member of the Mormon Church.
Now I’m sure there will be some nasty letters for me having said this,
but in my opinion, the Mormon Church is a cult. (More on that later.)
The investigation also turns up the fact that the good doctor is
involved with South Africa’s apartheid-era biological weapons programs.

The doctor, who was working in AIDS research, had been introduced to
South African weapons developers through a man named Neil Knobel, former
chief medical officer for the South African army. Knobel, it turns out,
had administrative oversight of South Africa’s covert biochemical
program which was directed by a man named Dr. Wouter Basson.

Basson was also known by another name.

“Dr. Death.” In fact, he is currently on trial on charges of using
commercial laboratories as fronts to develop and experiment with
biological weapons using human beings as his guinea pigs. Many of these
people wound up dead.

Now here’s an interesting little tidbit — gleaned from an inside
source. Our friend Dr. Larry Ford is currently being investigated for
the very same thing as the infamous Dr. Death. That is — performing
chemical experiments (and killing people in the process) on human

Right now, the local police are investigating a series of “floaters”
(bodies found in the bay nearby Ford’s Orange County home) as being
possible victims of an individual who could conceivably be tried as a
serial killer. Moreover, as I write this column, the information has
just been leaked to the media that our “squeaky-clean” Dr. Ford was a
CIA agent.

Getting interesting, isn’t it?

Now, what does all this mean, and why are we talking about it in a
column called “Demon Hunter?”

Remember, I told you when we started this column that evil comes in
many and sundry manifestations. I think all of you who’ve been reading
me know that I don’t generally cotton to (so-called) conspiracy
theories. I can’t tell you how many letters I get weekly telling me that
the government is behind the AIDS virus, or alien abductions … you
name it; our government is behind it. Most of the people who write
those letters are — well, I won’t call them wackos. Let’s just say
that most of their letters get dumped in the trash fairly in short

That is not to say, however, that conspiracies don’t exist. Or that
our government isn’t involved in some pretty spooky stuff.

In this particular case, you’ve got enough threads to tie together
some very powerful forces — the medical profession (we all know these
are bad guys), drug companies, the Mormon Church, the CIA, as well as a
paramilitary organization that in the past has murdered countless human

Ask yourself the same question that all the reporters are asking.
What the hell is the good Dr. Ford doing with a stash of semi-automatic
weapons and enough C-4 buried in his backyard to blow up the entire

The simple answer is: This was an evil man, engaged in evil
practices. And one of the most chilling things to me about this whole
story is how virtually everybody — to a man — that’s been interviewed
thus far has said (you guessed it), “But he seemed like such a swell

I’ll bet he did.

I keep telling you guys that Satan and his minions are not going to
come on the scene looking like Freddy Kruger. Uh, uh. Rather, they’re
going to look like your next-door neighbor, your doctor, your personal
trainer … the guy sitting next to you in church.

Evil today has a new quality about it. A new face. Its disguises are
many and sundry. Evil will always find new ways to sneak up on you …
to insert itself into your life.

I don’t know about you, friends, but I’m scared. I walk around
feeling paranoid, hyper-vigilant. I don’t trust anyone. And you know
what? I intend to stay that way.

You might say, well, all you have to do is have faith in God and
he’ll protect you.

Sorry. I don’t buy it. That’s cheap spirituality doing its usual
number. What does that mean, “just have faith”? You don’t know
what it means. Faith exists, yes, but you pay a price for it.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to start lecturing you on my favorite subject
(cheap faith). All I’m really saying is that I’m not going to stand with
my back exposed, Bible in hand and hope that I’m going to be protected
from an enemy who wants nothing more, and nothing less than to take my
life and my soul.

So me — I’m gonna be on guard. 24-7.

And so, I suggest, should you.

Getting back to our story (which you may not have heard of in your
neck of the woods, but which is making the papers here in Southern
California on a daily basis), my partner and I are currently
investigating this matter. I believe there is occultism involved here
and that it has already shown its face.

There is more here — more facts — which I cannot divulge at this
time — that make me 100 percent sure that what’s been uncovered in this
case is only the tip of a very nasty iceberg. When we are allowed to
make more information available, I promise you that I’ll do so.

In the meanwhile, your gig is to stay aware of what’s in your own
backyard. Look around you … listen carefully to anybody and everybody
who comes in your path. And as for that nice guy next door to you, think
about it — he might have a stash of weapons buried in his backyard. He
might be doing a little bit of night stalking, after the rest of the
neighborhood has gone to sleep.

Just watch it — that’s all I’m saying.

See, today the name of the game in spiritual warfare (which, all of
us, whether or not we want to, are involved in) is survival. If you take
any lesser position, you’re going to lose. I’m sorry to have to be so
blunt, but that is what I believe.

And on that rather somber note, I’ll see you all back here next week.

Ooops. Almost forgot. Anyone who has any information on this
particular case, or on Dr. Larry Ford, please contact me at
[email protected].

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