Create a problem. Create a solution to the problem. Create funding,
staffing, and legislation to mandate the solution to the problem you
have created.

Does this strike a familiar note to anyone?

Politically correct thought has been encouraged, implemented, and
when possible, mandated. Conversely, inappropriate speech which might
be considered politically incorrect has been discouraged, vilified, and
when possible, criminalized.

The blessing and the curse of the First Amendment is “supposed” to be
freedom of speech and freedom of religion. That is “supposed” to mean
that in order that you and I may enjoy the freedom to freely express our
views and opinions and worship as we see fit, we may have to endure and
suffer the divergent views and opinions of braying idiots who lack the
insight, quality, and cognitive function we enjoy.

Incrementalism has become a government-controlled cancer that is
eating away at the essence of America. However, this directed abuse of
power under the color of authority is not new, and it is not proprietary
to the Clinton administration. They didn’t invent abuse of power; they
have just practiced it better than most. In fact, James Madison once
observed, “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of
freedoms of the people by gradual and subtle encroachment of those in
power than my violent and sudden usurpation.” See! Governments have
always preferred to boil frogs.


A recent issue of The New American

reported that the December 1999 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin offers
police officers guidelines to use when conducting traffic stops with
suspected “right-wing extremists.”

“Members of extremist groups,” advised bulletin author James Kobolt,
“may reveal their affiliations in a number of ways. First, the vehicles
they drive often provide clues that can help officers prepare for
potential danger before making a stop. Specifically, extremists’
vehicles may sport bumper stickers with antigovernment or pro-gun
sentiments,” or may otherwise “fit the profile of vehicles driven by
known extremist group members in the area.”

OK, slow down. This FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin is referencing us,
folks. Yeah, you and me … and apparently anyone else who has a NRA,
WorldNetDaily, “No New World Order,” or “This car insured by Smith &
Wesson” (unless the latter is now acceptable in the wake of the S&W
capitulation to government blackmail) bumper sticker. But what
is the profile? Who is the extremist? Old pickup trucks
with gun racks are not the sole venue for “extremist” bumper stickers.
I recently spoke at a John Birch Society event where the parking lot was
full of Mercedes, BMWs, Porsches, Caddys and a gaggle of those $30-$40K
SUVs. My Mercedes 560SL has several bumper stickers … my wife’s SUV
has none. I have a Safari Club decal, Ducks Unlimited Sponsor tag, LEAA
sticker (law enforcement group), Special Forces crest and KSFO logo
(which is the very conservative radio station where I host a talk show).


Vin Suprynowicz found a lady I must interview. Veronica
Boyd-Frenkel is Nevada’s “domestic violence ombusdsman.” I mean in this
environment of PC-ism shouldn’t it really be “domestic violence
ombudsPERSON”? Since hairdressers often become confidantes of
customers, the state of Nevada is now offering training seminars to help
hairdressers recognize signs of domestic abuse and “integrate the
training into the beauty school classes.” Close your eyes; picture
Frankie Avalon in “Grease” singing “Beauty School Dropout.”

A very dear friend of my wife is an extremely liberal psychiatric
social worker in and around New York City. Nancy is a wonderful,
bright, and loving person despite her politically atrophied
philosophies. In fairness, she considers MY political philosophies
atrophied, if not outright anachronistic. She is married to a
wonderful, bright and loving man of significantly different politics.
Peter is very conservative. Nancy is very liberal. At least once a
year we all get together for dinner in whatever city we can coordinate
four busy schedules.

Once upon a time, the Metcalfs and the Januses were leaving a
restaurant in Providence, R.I. I observed a bumper sticker on Nancy’s
car, which read, “There is no excuse for domestic abuse.” (For the
record, let me confirm that I agree with the sentiment.) However, in
anticipation of sparking a reaction from our friend I asked her, “Nancy,
no excuse for domestic abuse? What if the bitch deserved it?”

As the color drained from her face, her husband gently placed his
right hand on my left shoulder and looked into my eyes and asked,
“Geoff, do you know why there are 6 million women abused every single

In the spirit of the moment I replied, “No, Peter, why are 6 million
women abused every year?”

“Because,” he said, “they don’t f—ing LISTEN.”


James Fenimore Cooper once observed, “It is a besetting vice of
democracies to substitute public opinion for law. …” Secretary of
Defense William S. Cohen has announced the appointment of the members of
a new, congressionally mandated task force to assess current domestic
violence programs and policies within the Department of Defense (DoD)
and the military Services. The Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence
is comprised of members from the Departments of Defense, Justice, and
Health and Human Services; as well as highly regarded subject matter
experts from the private sector.

This is the classic incremental finesse. First the program is
Then it is mandated within specific government agencies. Then
the venue is increased and increased until it becomes mandated
everywhere. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Management
Policy Alphonso Maldon Jr. said, “This task force … will provide the
Secretary with a comprehensive report and a plan that augments our
current efforts to eliminate domestic violence within the military. I
also believe its findings will help in our national efforts to address
domestic violence in our communities.”

Where do these things come from? This task force was established in
October by the Fiscal 2000 National Defense Authorization Act. Members
are charged with formulating a long-term, strategic plan that will
assist the DoD in eliminating domestic violence within the department.
“Domestic violence is an offense against our institutional values. One
incident of domestic violence is one too many,” said the task force
co-chairman, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Jack W. Klimp, who is also deputy
chief of staff for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. “Clearly, DoD has made
a substantial commitment of human resources and dollars over the past
two decades to address domestic violence. However, like civilian
communities, DoD can and should continue to improve its response to this
national tragedy. We should continue to be the model for the rest of
society,” he stated.

The DoD used to be called the Department of War. Despite the
“Defense” label, it is still the government agency tasked with blowing
up stuff and killing folks who don’t agree with the mercurial views of
our elected politicians.


A recent edition of The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News) had the honcho of
the Border Patrol as a guest. He confirmed three significant items that
the mainstream seems comfortable ignoring. First, he confirmed the
recent shooting incident in which Mexican police crossed the border into
this country and engaged in a brief exchange of gunfire with border
control agents. Secondly, he further stated that they, the Border
Patrol, were told by the Justice Department to drop whatever
investigation was going on into the incident at that border. He also
confirmed that reportedly there is a $200,000 bounty for every dead
American border patrol agent and DEA agent.

Why isn’t this headline news in the “mainstream media”? Better yet,
remove the Border Patrol from the Reno Department of Lying, Cheating,
Abuse of Power, Bully our Critics and Obfuscation, and turn it over to
the Texas Rangers.

Hell, while we are at correcting gross inequities, why not just
indict Reno et al. and turn the Department of Justice over to the Texas
Rangers. They could make new legends; “One riot/one Ranger” could be
replaced with “One scandal/one Ranger.”

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