Six-year-old children killing their classmates in school. Co-workers
and madmen executing friends and strangers. Everywhere we turn, it seems
as though an epidemic of gun violence is exploding over our landscape.
It is one thing to argue that the overall level of gun violence has gone
down. When a six-year-old kills a classmate, something is dreadfully

The liberals want us to believe that the only solution to this
problem is gun control. They are dead wrong. Gun control laws only
affect those who obey the law. Criminals, by definition, don’t obey the

Events in Houston are a powerful reminder of the importance of our
Second Amendment rights. Recently, cowards with guns murdered five
convenience store clerks in Houston. After protesting at city hall,
several store owners decided that the only way they could protect
themselves was to arm themselves. This week, two of them successfully
fought off armed thugs because they, too, were armed.

Think about it. Thugs are cowards. They seek out people who they
believe are unarmed. They want to steal by force what others have earned
by hard work. The shop owners, on the other hand, want to protect their
families, their loved ones, their customers and their life work. The
shop owners don’t want to harm anyone with their guns, they just want to
protect what’s theirs.

If the gun control advocates had been successful, armed criminals
would have stripped the shop owners of everything of value. For the life
of me, I just don’t understand why gun control advocates want to make it
easier for criminals to kill those of us who are honest, decent and

Houston reinforces the most basic lesson of the gun control debate.
You may not like this reality, but it is a fact. In far too many
situations, the only way honest citizens can protect themselves is to
have their own weapons. If the gun control advocates ever get their way,
cowardly criminals will slaughter tens of thousands of honest Americans.

The problem is not that we don’t have gun control. The problem is
that we have allowed the liberals to lie about the First Amendment.

According to liberals, the First Amendment has no limits. They
believe that it is OK for television and movie producers to develop
movies that glorify gun violence and thuggery. They want us to believe
that movies that endorse gun violence as the solution to every social
problem have “no impact on anyone.” That is a baldfaced lie.

Movies and television programs that drip with gratuitous violence
overwhelm our society. We actually allow people to air movies on
television where the “bad guys” kill hundreds of innocent people. The
ACLU and the liberals say that there is nothing wrong with that. They
are dead wrong.

Television teaches our children from their earliest days that
violence is the best way to solve problems. It’s not surprising that
some of them confuse the make-believe of violent cartoons, television
programs and movies with reality. After all, in far too many families,
children spend five to eight hours a day in front of the television.

It is time for us to hold movie and television producers responsible
for the quality of their work. They do not have a First Amendment right
to destroy America. They do not have a First Amendment right to pollute
the minds of our children and adults. They do not have a First Amendment
right to peddle trash and violence. They do not have a First Amendment
right to glorify filth and violence.

Our Constitution wasn’t written to protect these vermin. It is time
to hold them accountable for the incalculable damage that they have done
to America’s moral fiber.

If America wants to reduce the senseless violence that seems to have
infected far too many of our citizens, it is time to hold television and
movie producers responsible for the trash that they produce. Prevent
them from continuing to erode the moral fabric of America.

Let’s take a chapter from the liberals’ book and do to them what we
did to the tobacco industry and the breast implant industry. Let’s sue
them and drain them dry. When they can’t profit from violence, they will
stop, because they, too, are cowards. It takes far more creativity to
produce a movie with a plot than to just slosh blood and gore on the

It’s time that we reward artistic ability, not sadistic creeps.

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