If I close my eyes and concentrate I can still hear a slightly
out-of-tune piano in the echoes of my mind. It’s somewhere far off,
down the hall of an elementary school. A kindergarten class is learning
its ABCs.

“A-B-C-D-E-F-G … ” to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”
Remember? We all learned the alphabet by singing. We learned about
patriotism that way too, “My Country ’tis of thee, sweet land of
liberty. …” Many of us learned about God to the tune of a simple
song, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” Music is
perhaps the most powerful learning tool. Its messages somehow bypass
the brain and go straight to the heart. And once something is written
on your heart, you never forget.

Let me draw a parallel — how many speeches that you’ve heard can you
recite? Not many, maybe not any. But song lyrics? Surely you know
dozens if not hundreds. That’s the power of music.

No wonder nearly every major advertiser uses music to imprint its
brand of beer or soft drink or burger in our psyche. No wonder music
has been used by the church for thousands of years. No wonder our
enemies, great and small, use it to debase our culture. It works better
than anything else as a memory retention tool.

My choice in music is that which inspires, enlightens, uplifts and
empowers. “Stars and Stripes Forever,” by John Phillip
Sousa. … “America,” by Ray Charles. … “Amazing Grace” by anyone. …
And every song by Steve Vaus.

Did I lose you there? Did I hear somebody say, “Steve who?”

I’m not surprised. His music isn’t on Top 40 radio — not since 1992
anyway. Steve Vaus was signed to RCA Records that year with great
accompanying fanfare for his song, “We Must Take America Back.” Yet only
weeks later when the song was rocketing up the charts, Vaus was dropped
from the label because key radio stations found his music “too
political” for their tastes. Vaus was instantly blacklisted in the music
business. That’s right. Blacklisted.

But he didn’t quit. He didn’t change his tune. He turned that
crushing defeat into a launching pad. Since 1992 he has self-released
six albums packed with the music and messages America needs to hear. In
so doing he has become this country’s most inspiring and courageous
patriotic singer.

However it’s never been an easy road. He’s endured Internal Revenue
Service audits. He’s been the target of death threats. At times he’s
had to struggle to stay afloat financially. When the mainstream music
industry shuts you out (including the so-called Christian music market,
which is controlled by the secular entertainment conglomerates), music
is a nearly impossible way to make a living.

Still Steve Vaus has not only persevered, he has created some of the
most important music of our time. Songs like “We Must Take America
Back”; “I Am America”; “Renegades”; “I Still Believe”; “Will You Be
Among The Patriots?” and “Sacred Ground.”

All of those and many more (21 in all) are on his just-released
latest album, “Timepiece,” a double-length CD anthology of his most
important songs from the past eight years plus a few new gems. Only
2,000 copies will be manufactured of this limited edition and every one
will be personally signed by Steve. If you care about America, you
should buy this album. If you care about Steve Vaus’ music ministry you
MUST buy this album. Having talked to Steve recently I can tell you
first-hand he needs your support.

Go to Steve Vaus’ website right now.
Order “Timepiece” and every other album he has made — even if you’ve
ordered them before. Buy a copy for a friend, for a neighbor. Send a
copy to someone in Washington.

And last but not least, buy a copy for your local elementary school
or for your own home schooling. That way, right after the kids sing the
ABCs in the morning, they can sing a Steve Vaus song about America.
We’d all be better off for it.

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