Remember when Bill Clinton and Al Gore promised to “reinvent

They promised to streamline. They promised to cut waste. They
promised to make government more cost-effective.

Of course it was nonsense. It is hardly worth pointing out. Neither
Clinton nor Gore believes that government, by its very nature, is
wasteful almost beyond imagination. Neither would they acknowledge that
the president, vice president and first lady willfully and
systematically use taxpayer resources to further their own personal
political agendas.

But, just as a reminder — or as further documentation for those who
are skeptical about this theory — let’s take a look at Clinton’s recent
trip to India and Pakistan as a case study.

To proclaim it a $50 million disaster is an understatement. Had
Clinton sent Al Gore on this worthless diplomatic mission, he would have
at least saved U.S. taxpayers $48 million. Then taxpayers would only
have sunk $2 million down a rat hole

A retired major in the U.S. Air Force, who has flown Air Force One on
several occasions, informs me of some facts from inside sources:

  • The Air Force flew 460 missions in support of the president’s

  • There were 14 C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft dedicated
    to the trip.

  • There were 12 C-5B Galaxys.

  • There were three C-141B Starlifters.

  • There were two C-130 Hercules.

  • There were seven KC-10 Extenders.

  • There were 39 KC-135B Stratotankers.

And that’s just the entourage required to get the president to
India. To get him back, required 10 more C-5B Stratotankers.

If you do the math, my source points out, that is 90 aircraft
supporting one man to fly to India and Pakistan. He estimates this fleet
burned 15 million gallons of jet fuel for this mission — a mission that
accomplished exactly nothing.

Actually, according to Clinton himself, it was worse than nothing.

Upon his return to the United States, ***Clinton told a Democratic
Party fund-raising gathering in Atlanta***
that his trip cost the lives of “40 perfectly innocent people” in the
disputed territory of Kashmir.

“I’m sure they were murdered because I was there,” said the always
self-important Clinton, who, in this case, is probably right. “Those
people lost their lives because I went to India and Pakistan.”

Clinton went to the region, in theory, to calm tensions between
nuclear rivals India and Pakistan. The two nations have been fighting
over which should control ethnically divided Kashmir.

Indeed, at least 35 people in the Sikh village of Chatti Singhpora
were massacred March 20, just as Clinton began his weeklong trip.

So, let’s get this straight. Clinton contributed nothing to quelling
violence and terror in the region — nor the threat of a nuclear war. In
fact, by his own admission, the president suggests as many as 40
innocent people were massacred as a way of exploiting this ill-advised,
ill-timed, political publicity stunt.

Now, on top of the human toll, we learn that U.S. taxpayers have been
tapped for a $50 million travel bill.

Of course, this is just the “chip” of the iceberg as far as waste
goes in this administration. Clinton and Gore don’t even give a thought
to such costs. Neither, apparently, does Congress.

Before businesses invest $50 million in a project — even the most
massive international conglomerates — cost-benefit analyses are
conducted. Even Bill Gates, the Clinton administration’s public enemy
No. 1, wouldn’t consider throwing away $50 million of his own company’s
money on a trip with little chance of bearing fruit. But Clinton and
Gore think nothing of spending that and more — of your money — on
projects that are not only worthless, but endanger the lives of people
and have the potential to enflame already explosive international

The only rationale for the Central Asian tour was that it had a one
in a million chance of adding to Clinton’s personal political legacy. It
was a shot in the dark — a poorly planned, half-hearted effort to bring
two warring peoples to the negotiating table.

Could Gore have achieved any worse results with one or two airplanes?

If this is reinvented government, I think it’s time to go back to the

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