The press believes the principles at stake in the Elian Gonzales case
vital to the cause of liberty; it must report every detail to ensure the

facts of the controversy are well understood by a concerned public and
ensure the fairness of the process in order that justice be done. No
The establishment press wants ratings, which mean dollars. It cannot
discern what is and isn’t news and it certainly doesn’t plan on spending

time doing things like investigating the corruption that threatens every

American’s life — everyday. That, dear reader, is why I never follow
press exploitation stories: They disgust me.

But, I am now forced to take a stand. Why? Because I am worried
about my

The man I know has taken a position on this case that seems contrary
every principle for which he has stood in the past. It just goes to
you that the finest of men can be deceived — this case is teaching me

There are several lines of thought which are followed by people on
the same
side my husband takes, let’s look at just a couple:

1. Cuba is a totalitarian police state!

Yes, Cuba is a totalitarian police state. So is Red China! So is
Korea! How about the slavery and torture of the Sudanese? The
countries of
Islam are often brutal in their control, as in Afghanistan where women
fewer rights than my dogs. Don’t forget Libya and Zimbabwe. You ask,
can we, a nation of conscience, continue in our disregard of the fates
these children? Excuse me, these BILLIONS of children. True, we may
not be
able to remove every child from their parents and bring them to free
countries, nevertheless we can still try can’t we? If we fail at that
why don’t we declare war against these nations now? We will then
ensure every child lives the life we deem fit. Of course we can solve
matter through the U.N. by developing a sterilization and abortion
policy in
every country governed by a tyrannical regime. After all, it is
better that no child enters the world in less than ideal circumstances.

We should also rewrite our immigration laws. In the interest of full

disclosure we should inform all visitors from other nations that if they

bring their children into this country with them and our government
determines their nation to be evil, then the United States federal
government can and will use its mighty power to retain their children,
or without their approval. They will not be allowed to send their kids
to the country of their birth.

Wouldn’t the above measures be consistent with the philosophy of
those who
would take Elian away from his father? After all, is Elian more worthy
“saving” than any other child in a land of persecution? Is Juan
any more guilty of neglect than any other parent living under tyranny?

I am fond of pointing out the truth that the state cannot give rights
only privileges (which can be taken back through force). I know that
proceed from God directly to man, not through government. The
cannot legally take a right away. As a matter of fact, all people in
nations have the identical rights as American citizens. Some are just
prevented from exercising them (but God gave them the rights,
The responsibility of parents to raise their children is rooted in their

“God-given” right to do so. We as a nation cannot eliminate that right
some and maintain it for ourselves.

2. Elian will live in wretched poverty rather than the wealth of
the United States.

I just got back from Mexico. I saw children there who lived in
unimaginable to me. They were shoeless, dirty and lived in shacks of
limbs and tin roofs. These children were not educated — their time was

spent begging and selling chewing gum. They live in a socialist state,
which is the source of their poverty. My family was overcome by grief
these children but what should we have done? Better yet, what should
government do? Should we rip these kids from the arms of their mother
father and take them back to America were they can grow and prosper? As
their parents, what’s their problem? Many have questioned the
and priorities of Elian’s father, because they believe the highest
demonstration of love Juan Gonzalez could show would be to turn his
over to a free and prosperous state. Consistency should lead us to
the impoverished men and women of Mexico. Why don’t they send their
off to America as soon as they are born? And what of the mothers of
children living in impoverished police states around the world. Their
motivations should be questioned as well. Wouldn’t abortion be a better

solution than bringing a child into a country ruled by despots? China’s

one-child-policy seems to make more sense in this context.

For once, President Clinton is actually right — even if it is for
all the
wrong reasons. Bad people often do the right thing for the wrong
Here’s what a real president would say in a public statement to the
of the world in turning young Elian over to his dad:

“Elian is being returned with his father, reluctantly, to a
Marxist, police-state. We in America know and respect that which the
government cannot: that children are a gift from God to their parents
that the state has no right to interfere in that sacred covenant. We
that for America to do once what Cuba does every day, would be to do
even if done from love and compassion. We the people of the United
will not become advocates of that worldview we know as statism: the
that the state is God and God is the state. The belief that man’s
and that of the family is as a tool of government for its glory. We
that the family is the foundation of all society, even in a state like
which denies this fundamental truth and we know that no one knows the
love a
parent has for his son more than God, the Father. That invisible,
intangible bond is more real than anything that can be seen or touched.

“If we deigned to separate Elian from his father, we would be
statism with statism. Our actions and words would betray our tenuous
conviction to our principles. We would be affirming the concept of ‘the

ends justify the means.’ The rule of law would become secondary to the
of man. Would we wish to hold that standard for the persecuted of Cuba?

China? North Korea? No, we won’t dash the hopes and faith of the Cuban

people on the jagged rock of hypocrisy. We will instead build on the
of principle and truth and justice.

“In making this decision we are committing Elian’s fate to God’s
not to our faulty human judgement. Like Esther, Nehemiah, Ezra and
all boys and girls who in the end saved their people as they risked
lives, God knows Elian; His hand is on his life. Mr. Gonzalez, we will
continue to pray for you, your son and your country. May God bless you
keep you.”

Read ‘Elian Nation’ by Joseph Farah

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