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Biology professor forced out

An Oregon college biology instructor who has come under fire for
criticizing the theory of evolution in the classroom received notice
that his contract will not be renewed after the spring term.

Kevin Haley has been the subject of an informal investigation the
last four months at Central Oregon Community College for allegedly teaching “creationism” — the belief
that God created the earth and all life — to his biology students. But
the professor maintains he merely criticizes the theory by pointing out
its flaws.

In an extensive interview with WorldNetDaily
last month, the soft-spoken Haley explained that, though he does not
teach creationism, he is pleased when a student’s doubt of evolution
causes the student to look to God as a possible explanation for the
origin of life. He also criticized the scientific community for
refusing to acknowledge evolution’s inherent assumption that there is no

“There’s a philosophy behind [evolution],” said Haley. “The only
reason we say life comes from non-life is because the naturalistic
philosophy demands it. That’s fine. The thing that must be understood,
though, is that it’s a philosophy. If the assumption is ‘no god,’ and
you work within those parameters, you end up with evolution.”

Central Oregon Community College’s administration told WND it would
not deny it sent Haley the letter informing him his contract would not
be renewed, and Haley told The Bulletin — an Oregon newspaper —
he received the letter just before spring break.

When asked why the veteran professor would not be rehired, a college
spokesman said personnel matters are private and cannot be discussed.

The half-dozen complaints from faculty and students included
accusations that the Christian professor belittles women — an
accusation Haley said is completely false. In fact, before coming to
COCC, Haley spent seven years teaching at the all-women College of St.
Mary in Omaha, Neb.

Haley, 44, made his case to the college’s board in March to no
avail. He has said he will not fight the college regarding its

“At this point, I have to leave it in God’s hands,” Haley told The
Bulletin. “I was surprised that I wasn’t rehired, given the fact that
there is no evidence I did anything wrong. To continue fighting this is
not worth it to me. It takes too much out of you and affects your home

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