In response to a question many of you are asking, yes, I am currently
working on a book on spiritual warfare. Actually, two books will be
released concurrently. One will be my own personal story, “Demonhunter:
An Oddysey Of Spiritual Warfare,” The other will be a “how to” book on
conducting spiritual warfare in your daily lives: “Demonhunting: A
Manual For Conducting Spiritual Warfare.” Though I’m not making any
promises, I expect these books to be completed at the end of August.

However, for those who don’t want to wait for my books to come out, I
would like to recommend what is, I believe, the most comprehensive
manual on Spiritual Warfare that I have ever seen. The title of the book
is “The Handbook For Spiritual Warfare,” by Dr. Ed Murphy, an associate
professor of Bible and Missions at San Jose Christian College.

In excess of 600 pages in length, the book discusses, in a well
written, personal tone, virtually every aspect of spiritual warfare. No
stone is left unturned.

Beginning with a section called, “World View Clash,” Murphy outlines
exactly what spiritual warfare is, and why many so-called non-believers
don’t even know that they are engaged in this battle.

Murphy then takes the reader through a history of spiritual warfare,
including chapters on “Rebellion In the Heavenlies and on Earth,” “The
Source Of All Rebellion,” and “Warfare In The Garden.”

Section two of the book, entitled, “The Normal Christian Life” (is
there really such a thing?) deals specifically with John 10 and Romans
6-7 in the Bible, as well as a fine chapter called, “What Is Happening
To Me: A Multidimensional Sin War.”

The third section of the book (and one of the most important) is
entitled, “The Believer’s Warfare With The Flesh.” This section deals
with both religious and social sins, as well as how demons are able to
attack and infest those involved in homosexuality. I have read lots of
material on this subject (and often been criticized for being hard on
homosexuals), but I have never read as thorough and even-handed an
approach as Murphy takes.

Next, Murphy’s book goes back and deals with the beginnings of
spiritual warfare in the Old Testament. I can state accurately that one
will never truly comprehend the nature of this problem until one
understands that spiritual warfare has existed since the beginning of
time — that is, before Christ’s arrival on earth. That is why this
section is so important. Many of you have asked me about my beliefs
about the flood and the role of Noah. If you want definitive answers to
these men’s roles in our current battle, you must read — at the very
least — this section of Dr. Murphy’s book.

Murphy then moves directly into the New Testament, and deals with
situations such as “Paul’s Encounter with the Spirit Medium of Philippi”
and “Idolatry at Athens and Corinth. From here he moves into “Spiritual
Warfare in the Epistles and Revelation.”

The last section of the book deals with practical applications of
spiritual warfare in our daily lives. Again Murphy, who openly admits
that he has battled personal demons in the area of depression, discusses
such highly loaded topics as child abuse, MPD (multiple personality
disorders), bi-polar depression, and (so-called) Christian counseling.

Unlike many Christian writers, Murphy is openly critical of certain
areas of Christian counseling, labeling them as ineffective and
self-serving. His chapter, “The Non-Demonic Reality of Mental Illnesses”
is one of the best and most balanced I have ever read on this subject.

In my own battle with bi-polar depression, I have wrestled mightily
with these issues. Having been through virtually every form of therapy
— from Freudian analysis to Gestalt to Jungian — as well as having
taken part in (so-called) exorcisms by well known Christians such as
Johanna Michaelson and Dr. Walter Martin, I can fully attest to how much
hocus pocus there is in this area.

Today the area is rife with people who are nothing more than circus
performers. This is nothing new. We have always had openly fraudulent
“healers” like the late Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts. Today we have
Bob Larsen, the purveyor of a televised clown show being conducted in
the name of a “deliverance ministry.”

This is one of the most difficult areas for both the believer and the
non-believer to deal with. We ask ourselves: Am I oppressed because
of my brain chemistry, or because of demons — or a combination of
The medical doctors, eager to sell us the latest
anti-depressant will tell us that all we need do is increase our
seratonin level by popping a little Zoloft or Paxil. The Christian
charlatans — the Bob Larsens of the world — tell us all we have to do
is let them pray over us, cast out the various demons (the demon of
tobacco, the demon of lust, the demon of bla-bla-bla) and we will be
forever cured.

These bogus healers have caused such great confusion in the world
that it is no wonder people are leaving churches (and psychiatrists’
offices) in droves.

One of the reasons I began this column was that I felt it necessary
to bring a balanced view to this subject matter — that is,
specifically, the subject of demonic oppression and demonic possession.
No matter what your pastor may tell you, these activities are alive and
well in the world today. I know you’ve all heard it before, but it bears
repeating: Satan’s neatest trick is convincing us that he doesn’t exist.

That is why I have suggested that you, my readers, never trust
anything anyone says — including me. Test the waters! Test what
people are telling you! Don’t believe anybody … whether it’s your
husband, your pastor, your shrink or your best friend. Only out of this
state of “mistrust” will your natural sense of discernment (which has
been dulled by all the so-called know-it-alls) come back to life.

To those who say this approach is “too negative,” I say baloney.
Truth is never arrived at by blindly believing. Truth is only arrived at
by learning how to truly listen. Today the world we live in is so
polluted by noise, by distractions, by half-truths and outright lies
that nobody knows what the hell is going on. That’s why I say stay clear
of those that “believe.” Run away from anybody who says I know as
fast as you can!

God has graced each of us with a natural sense of discernment as to
what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong. When a
person is totally infested by demons — as in the case of a Charles
Manson, or the two punks who shot up their classmates in Littleton ,
Colo. — you will always notice that these people have no sense of right
and wrong. That is because the demons that possess them have totally
blinded them. This is what evil does. This is the end of the line to a
long, slow process that always begins quietly and seductively.

How then, can I recommend a book written by a man who is clearly a
“believer”? Mainly because of the incredible amount of research that has
gone into this book, and also because Dr. Murphy’s approach is probably
the most balanced I have ever read from a Christian writer. The
author openly admits his own weaknesses, and when he does talk about
facts, he always backs up his statements with historical anecdotes.
You’ll find that most Christian writers don’t do this.

Not to say that I agree with everything Murphy says. I don’t, but
that is not the point. What I am saying is that “The Handbook For
Spiritual Warfare” is an excellent starting point for you to embark upon
the path. If you are already on the path, it is an excellent source for
testing your belief systems. And whether or not you wind up agreeing or
disagreeing with what Murphy has to say, this book will definitely start
to open your mind so that you begin to question your belief systems (at
least I would hope that would be the effect it would have!).

Dr. Murphy’s book is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. If you
are interested in obtaining a copy, you may contact “Christopher’s
Collections” at 1611 Shiloh Dr. Knoxville, TN 37909. Their email address
is [email protected]. The telephone number is

I would like to thank Martina Webley for sending me this wonderful
gift. It has been a Godsend and a blessing during a time of great
difficulty in my life and I am happy to recommend it to my readership.

Just a few short items before I close: For those who’ve written
asking about the disappearance of Jessica “G” in Prince Georges County,
Md., and our investigation of The Goatman, we have literally been
swamped with hundreds upon hundreds of leads (thanks to you). For those
who inquired why the FBI has not intervened, I can report that they now
have. As of this date, Jessica is still missing. I have taken two trips
to Maryland and will make a third next month. Additionally, I have been
contracted to write a screenplay based upon Jessica’s story. Part of the
proceeds from this work will be going to Jessica’s parents. I’ll keep
you posted as events progress. In the meantime, I want to thank all
those of you who wrote in with “Goatman” tales and assorted links.

Our website,, will
soon be expanding. Hopefully within the month you will find many new
items on the site including a chatroom, dozens of new links, as well as
a bookstore. Finally, for those who’ve inquired about my lecture
schedule, I am temporarily taking a leave of absence, while I try to
fill my writing commitments. I will, however, be resuming speaking
engagements in September, and will be speaking throughout the U.S. and
Europe. The schedule will be posted shortly on the website. If you are
interested in having me speak in your area, please contact my manager,
John Stone.

Until next time. …

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