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Bill's boy

Earlier this week, United States District Judge Royce Lamberth issued a landmark decision, finding for the first time in American history that a United States president had committed a crime. This crime was for violating the privacy rights of Kathleen Willey by obtaining and then releasing information from her Privacy Act-protected personnel file to admittedly destroy her reputation. Judge Lamberth previously made a similar finding with regard to the Clinton-Gore Defense Department over the release of information from Linda Tripp’s Privacy Act-protected Pentagon file.

In Judicial Watch’s $90 million class-action Filegate lawsuit, Judge Lamberth has correctly ruled that a pattern of violating the privacy rights of American citizens by The Clinton-Gore White House would raise an adversarial evidentiary inference that the 900 FBI files at issue were obtained and misused for illegal purposes. Accordingly, the Judge’s rulings with regard to Ms. Willey and Ms. Tripp are huge — particularly since, with regard to Ms. Willey, Hillary Clinton is a defendant in the Filegate lawsuit, and she was admittedly involved in the illegal release of Ms. Willey’s confidential communications.

The left has always complemented itself on its concern for civil rights and privacy. Indeed, this is the rationale which their favorite Supreme Court Justice, the late Honorable Harry Blackmun, used to justify a woman’s so-called “right to choose” in allowing for the murder of unborn children, commonly known as abortion. However, rather than praise Judge Lamberth’s decision upholding real, not manufactured, privacy rights, when the law is applied to their own benefactor and princeling, Bill Clinton, the left goes into a tantrum, which was evident the other night when I appeared on CNN’s “Crossfire” with Bill Press (a copy of the transcript can be found on CNN’s website.)

A review of this transcript shows that Mr. Press, despite his efforts to try to embarrass me at the end of the show, was trounced by logic and reason. Not to be undone or for that matter humiliated by his own “non-showing,” he wrote a column the next day entitled, “The Right-Wing Posse Rides Again,” which also appears on CNN’s website.

Notwithstanding various incorrect statements in this article (i.e., I have never alleged that Ron Brown was murdered by Clinton operatives, although it is clear that someone shot him in the head), Mr. Press’ tirade in trying to trash Congressman Dan Burton, Judge Lamberth and me is not only childlike, it is not befitting for CNN to put on its website.

While I disagree with Bill Press’ political philosophy, I had previously found him to be a gentleman, and I am disappointed that he would publish false information about Judicial Watch and me. Then again, when you strike a nerve and produce perhaps the biggest legal finding in American history – that the president of the United States has committed a crime – and that president just happens to be from the left, I guess you can expect that apologists like Press will squeal like stuck pigs.

To Bill’s boy, I hope no one violates your privacy rights, because only God knows what the Clinton-Gore White House may have on you.