“But in the end, I believe that they (Cuban-Americans) also
    understand that this is a nation of laws by which all must abide.”

    — Janet Reno, reported in the April 8 New York Times

Attorney General Janet Reno, in explaining the reasons why she,
at the direction of Bill Clinton, will send Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba,
says that we are a “nation of laws by which all must abide.” If only
Ms. Reno and Mr. Clinton practiced what they preached to others.
Indeed, there must be a reason behind the bizarre rush to return the
child to Cuba, particularly since the father — Juan Miguel Gonzalez —
originally phoned his Miami family to ask them to care for Elian before
the 6-year-old boy set sail for the United States with his now sadly
deceased mother, who drowned in the passage.

Certainly, it is likely that Castro has both threatened and bribed
Juan Miguel — an effective technique used by all communist regimes.
The former Soviet Union was filled with “problematic” apparatchiks who
lived high on the hog, outside of the communist system. If they ever
stepped out of line, and stopped enjoying their unique status, Siberia
proved to be a nice vacation spot. Certainly, Castro is not above using
the same “incentives” to keep Elian’s father from carrying through with
his original desire to have his son live in freedom.

However, what remains unexplained is why Clinton and Reno would
sanction former White House counsel Gregory Craig, now of Williams and
Connolly (the Clintons’ attorneys), to play such a conspicuously
shameless role in assisting Castro’s propaganda machine. Craig, who
claims that he is not being paid by Castro, still cannot explain how
such a high priced lawyer, from such a high priced firm (which
incidentally is not shy about billing the Clintons millions of dollars)
would agree to work pro bono for a father he never before met.

Nor can logic explain why Clinton and Reno — both cynical
politicians of the highest order — would risk alienating not just
Cuban-Americans, but a large segment of the Florida population, a state
that Democrats must win in 2000 if they are to retain control of The
White House and regain control of the House of Representatives. Indeed,
Vice President Al Gore is so petrified at the prospect of alienating
voters of the nation’s third largest state, that he has thrown himself
at the mercy of Miami’s Cuban exile community, refusing to invoke even
his now patented “no controlling authority defense.” Que pasa?

Perhaps the answer lies in Castro’s taking a page from Clinton’s own
Filegate playbook; a strategy which has worked exceedingly well in
coercing Republicans to spare him from impeachment and conviction during
the Lewinsky scandal. Could it be that Castro, who has grown very close
to the Communist Chinese leadership, has a file on our dear president?
And, might this file contain incriminating information about Bill’s true
involvement with Clinton’s Castro-connected Miami fundraisers and
Chinese benefactors, not just during the campaign finance debacle of
1996, but also related to “under the table” deals worked out by Ron
Brown’s Commerce Department to transfer classified high technology to
the “Butchers of Beijing”? While just speculation for the moment,
certainly the Communist Chinese leadership, the same gang who
slaughtered tens of thousands of their youth at Tiananmen, and sent hit
squads to quiet Johnny Chung, are not above doing a favor for a fellow
comrade like Castro, who has allowed them a beachhead in Cuba for their
military expansion.

To obtain answers to these and other questions, Judicial
had filed a Freedom of Information
Act request to obtain documents attempting to uncover the real reasons
for the Clinton Administration’s alliance with Castro over the return of
Elian. And, typically, when Reno stonewalled, we were forced to file
suit against our so-called Justice Department’s Immigration and
Naturalization Service.

Judicial Watch will aggressively pursue this case, and look for other
ways to get to the bottom of the strange circumstances behind Reno’s and
Clinton’s haste to return the boy to the cesspool known as Castro’s
Cuba. Because as the attorney general so eloquently stated just last
Friday, in seeking to justify her unjustifiable veiled threats to use
WACO-style force to “liberate” Elian from his Miami family, “… this is
a country of laws by which all must abide.”

Ms. Reno, it is time to come out of the closet and reveal the true
reasons for assisting your benefactor, Bill Clinton, to run interference
for Castro. If you won’t do it voluntarily, Judicial Watch will do it
for you, in the name of not just Elian, or the brave and patriotic Miami
Cuban-American community, but all of those Americans who, unlike
yourself, really believe in the “Rule of Law.” Not even you, Ms. Reno,
are above the law — no matter how good your imitation of Sergeant

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