For the first time in American history, the president of the United
States has been found by a federal judge to have committed a crime.
But, the president, Bill Clinton, is hardly ashamed by the court’s
finding that he illegally released government file information on
Kathleen Willey, the woman he abused and groped in the Oval Office
pantry. Nor is his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who in sworn written
testimony is shown to have assisted him in committing this crime.
Rather than expressing any regret for destroying Ms. Willey’s
reputation, the president instead attacked the judge, musing about the
“mystery” of his having made a number of strong rulings against the
corrupt Clinton White House.

Neither the president nor his enablers in the liberal elite media are
prone to dwell on this sad milestone of history. With hardly a mention
on any of the so-called major networks, the nightly news shows of NBC,
CBS and ABC essentially glossed over the story. CNN “graced me” with a
rare appearance on Crossfire, only to attack me through Bill Press
the following day,

on CNN’s website as a right-wing crazy. I was in good company, however,
since Press’ article also characteristically attacked the judge. Press
is a good “boy”; he was apparently following the talking-points faxed
to him by the Clinton White House.

Clearly, Washington and its pliant “Big Media” know no shame — not
unlike the inhabitants of the ancient city of Jerusalem. Indeed, our
nation’s capital is like the “tarnished city” of Isaiah, where
prostitutes and interns, drug dealers and users, money changers and arms
merchants have occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the last seven

And, the scandal does not stop at the Clinton-Gore White House door.
The president and Mrs. Clinton’s allies — such as James Carville,
George Stephanopoulos, and Lanny Davis — all contributed to the culture
of deceit and dishonesty which is so pervasive in American society

But while Judicial Watch brings one
lawsuit after another to try to obtain justice, the Republican Party
continues to sit on the sidelines, with few exceptions (such as
Congressman Bob Barr). Americans who care about Judeo-Christian ethics
and respect for the law have been left without representation but for
one court, and one judge — Hon. Royce C. Lamberth of the federal court
in the District of Columbia.

Fortunately, Judge Lamberth was randomly assigned crucial Judicial
Watch cases in both the Filegate and Chinagate scandals. And, in both
of these controversies, he now has the power — particularly given the
recent revelations that the Clinton-Gore White House has obstructed
justice by hiding perhaps as many as one million incriminating e-mails,
over 457 hard drives, and a zip disk — to return the “rule of law” to
this country and to hold the “guilty” responsible. Not only was this
computer evidence hidden but ordinary White House workers who discovered
the problem were threatened illegally with going to jail if they talked.
These “whistleblowers” swear, under oath, that the missing e-mails are
so damning that if they had been available during the 1998 impeachment
proceedings, the president would surely have been convicted — even by a
cowardly Senate.

When Judicial Watch first brought this cover-up to the attention of
the Clinton-Gore Justice Department (which represents The White House in
the Filegate case) in the winter of 1999, rather than look into the
problem and produce the “lost evidence,” they submitted a false
affidavit to Judge Lamberth, claiming that there was no e-mail problem.

When two White House whistleblowers approached Judicial Watch in the
last few months and confirmed the cover-up, Judicial Watch again put the
Court and the Clinton-Gore Justice Department on notice of the e-mail
problem. Again, rather than come clean, the Clinton-Gore Justice
Department, on behalf of The White House, continued to prevaricate and,
instead, attacked Judicial Watch.

As a result, Judicial Watch was recently forced to file a motion
requesting that not only the Clinton-Gore White House but also its
taxpayer-funded White House lawyers (who one of the whistleblowers has
testified admitted to trying to delay Judicial Watch’s case until after
the 2000 elections) and Justice Department lawyers be held in criminal
contempt for their role in the matter. If Judge Lamberth grants
Judicial Watch’s request, he has the power to commence criminal
proceedings on his own without the permission of Attorney General Janet
Reno — who is undoubtedly part of the cover-up.

One day after Judicial Watch filed its criminal contempt motion, it
was revealed that the Clinton-Gore Defense Department which had told
Judge Lamberth that it was investigating still another criminal Privacy
Act violation — this one concerning Linda Tripp — had previously
forwarded its report (20 months ago) to Attorney General Reno for
presumed action. At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Bill
Clinton’s nominee to be the new Pentagon Inspector General effectively
admitted that, despite his recommendation to file criminal charges, the
Clinton-Gore Justice Department had decided not to take any action. To
the contrary, it would now appear that only Linda Tripp will be
prosecuted, by a Maryland state prosecutor, at the urging of the
Maryland Democratic Party, for, ironically, allegedly violating the
privacy rights of Monica Lewinsky. In her sworn testimony to Judicial
Watch, Tripp swore that she possessed evidence that Hillary Clinton
herself pushed for her prosecution. Truly, justice at the Clinton-Gore
Department of Justice has been turned on its head.

Of importance to Judge Lamberth, who also presides over Linda Tripp’s
civil suit for violation of her privacy rights, is the fact that the
Clinton-Gore Justice Department had also lied about the Pentagon’s
investigation. To try to avoid producing relevant documents to Judicial
Watch in its Filegate case, these lawyers told the judge that the
Clinton-Gore Defense Department’s investigation into the violation of
Linda Tripp’s privacy had not been completed and asserted an
“investigatory privilege” to attempt to withhold the documents. Because
this had been false for at least the last two-and-one-half years, the
Clinton-Gore Justice Department now faces potential additional sanctions
for providing misleading information to the Court.

While President Clinton thinks he may be free and clear of criminal
prosecution for his perjury in the Lewinsky scandal, only one man stands
between him and a happy and wealthy retirement; Judge Royce C. Lamberth.
This extraordinary jurist has the authority and power to end the slide
toward lawlessness among our nation’s elite and restore the rule of law
to the American people. Like the court which presided over the civil
trial of O. J. Simpson, where justice did finally prevail, Judge
Lamberth’s tribunal holds the future of the United States in its hands.
The president and Mrs. Clinton may know no shame, but, it would be a
crime on the nation’s part to allow them to get off scot-free, leaving
behind the wreckage which they and their cronies have wreaked on our
legal system and our Judeo-Christian culture.

The “tarnished city” of Washington, D.C., in the words of the
president who appointed Judge Lamberth, can become again the “shining
city on a hill.” Perhaps in his own exceptionally intuitive way,
President Ronald Reagan knew this when he appointed Judge Lamberth to
serve his country on the federal bench. Judge Lamberth is one of the
proudest legacies our greatest president has left to our wonderful
country. Having broken the back of communism and restored the high-tech
economy through investment incentives, President Reagan’s greatest
accomplishment may yet hinge on the future decisions of the Hon. Royce C.

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