George Washington once observed, “Government is not reason: It is not
eloquence, it is Force. … like fire it is a dangerous servant and a
fearful master.”

So, nineteen days BEFORE a court hearing, 130 federal agents
reportedly under direct orders from the President of the United States
and his sycophant Attorney General, forcibly kidnapped a 6-year-old
boy. I’m not sure whether it is coincidence, irony, or subtlety or
accident that the date of this latest abuse of power under the color of
authority occurred on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin? The choice of a
religious weekend exacerbates the obvious insult and injury.

Thomas Jefferson once noted, “The two enemies of the people are
criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains
of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version
of the first.” We didn’t listen to you, Tom. It is the very people who
have been elected by the people and sworn an oath to “preserve and
protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” that
have now become the domestic enemies of the very document that empowers

This picture of a 6-year-old boy being pulled from his closet
hiding space at gunpoint epitomizes the attitude and arrogance of the
Clinton/Reno dynamic duo. THIS
is what the Clinton/Gore administration does when faced with a court
ruling with which they disapprove. Why this? Why now? Why not wait
for the court hearing May 11?

The framers in their wisdom specifically created a republic with
three branches of government. The three co-equal branches of government
were designed specifically to protect against abuse of power and

Since this melodrama began in the wake of tragedy, I have repeatedly
suggested that (in my opinion) with the possible exception of young
Elain’s immediate care giver (the cousin), no one really cares a bit
about the plight of this young tragic hero. Elian has been used by
Castro, by the Miami Cuban community, by Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, and
the ravenous mainstream media as a target of opportunity to be exploited
for a variety of personal, professional and political gains. The
conduct of just near everyone is sufficient to gag a maggot.

The duplicity of the administration has been, and continues to be
epic in scope. Reno’s posturing about “rule of law” is akin to an
Ionesco play. My frequent observation about “people who don’t like to be
confused with facts which contradict their preconceived opinions”
defines the Reno “in”-Justice Department.

  • The law states anyone fleeing Cuba who makes it to the United
    States is “safe” and can stay.

  • The court has ordered the boy cannot be removed from the United
    States pending the results of a court hearing May 11, and final
    conclusion of subsequent appeals.

  • What’s the deal with Clinton’s high priced personal legal beagle
    representing Castro’s interests?

  • What about the phony psycho-babble from Hillary’s national health
    care co-conspirator?

  • By the by … does anyone care that Elian was removed by force
    without a warrant? No warrant was issued because Reno said they “didn’t
    need one.”

  • Cameraman Tony Futamdo reports the camera crew raced into the
    house just ahead of the INS swat team. He says people in the house were
    maced. He personally was knocked down and restrained and told he would
    be shot if he got up.

  • Uncle Lazaro was pinned against a wall at gunpoint with a “red
    dot” visible on his head (from the laser sight). Several other people
    were likewise “red dotted” and informed by agents not to move, or they
    would be shot.

  • The agent who acted as the get-away driver of the white van wore
    a close fitting face-covering or protective mask. Why?

Miami’s mayor, who in the past has played the role of
co-conspirator with the Clinton
now sees how he is rewarded by his masters. The quisling seemed
surprised he was not consulted prior to the raid.

Frank Zappa was right. He said, “Here we live in a country that has
a fabulous Constitution and all these guarantees, a contract between the
citizens and the government — nobody knows what’s in it. It’s one of
the best-kept secrets. And so, if you don’t know what your rights are,
how can you stand up for them? And furthermore, if you don’t know what
is in that document, how can you care if someone is shredding it?”

Shredding the Constitution and Bill of Rights seems to be the prime
objective and standing operating procedure for
Clinton/Gore/Albright/Reno et al. Ayn Rand was right when she said “We
are fast approaching the state of the ultimate inversion: the stage
where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the
citizens may act only by permission; which is the state of the darkest
periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”

Wait a minute … what was it Washington said? (yeah, you can look
back to the beginning) “Government is not reason … it is FORCE.”
William Pitt observed in 1783 that “Necessity is the plea for every
infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the
creed of slaves.” But there wasn’t a “necessity” for this government
sanctioned kidnapping. There was no real, perceived, or even
promulgated “necessity” for the Holy Saturday raid in Miami.

I am embarrassed for our country. I am appalled by our government’s
inability to maintain even the fiction of legitimacy. I am deeply
offended at the unbridled arrogance and patronizing lies that are
polluting the body politic.

Since this has turned into a litany of wise comments from folks wiser
than I have, I’ll close with one more from a contemporary American
philosopher. P.J. O’Rourke correctly observed that “Giving money and
power to the government is like giving car keys and whisky to teenage
boys.” The results are inevitable, except those teenage boys may avoid
probable tragedy as a function of luck and reflexes. The government’s
luck is slowly running out, and their reflex, whether knee-jerk, or just
plain “jerk” have, can and will inevitably result in something bad.

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