A newly released certified copy of a Virginia medical report on
Vincent Foster, whose controversial death was officially ruled a
suicide, suggests that officials may have altered a copy of the report
the Virginia Medical Examiner gave to Ken Starr and the Office of
Independent Counsel of 1995.

The most recent copy of the certified report, obtained by
WorldNetDaily, is clearly different from Starr’s copy.

Foster, a long time Clinton friend and law partner of Hillary
Clinton, was appointed deputy White House counsel by President Clinton
in 1993. Foster was found dead in Virginia’s Fort Marcy Park on July
20, 1993, with a gunshot wound. An investigation by Independent Counsel
Ken Starr ruled that Foster had committed suicide.

According to an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview with attorney
Allan Favish, there
are now three known, publicly available certified copies of the original
version of the report.

“The first and
third of
the certified copies show what appears to have been a sloppy attempt to
obliterate a word on the original version using correction fluid or
tape,” stated Favish during an interview near his Los Angeles home.

second certified copy, obtained from the
Office of the Independent Counsel, does not show any evidence of this
possible alteration,” said Favish.

“This raises the question of whether the Virginia medical examiner
gave the independent counsel altered evidence,” noted Favish.

“[As to] the cause of death — the ‘mouth-head’ language on page one
appears to have been altered on the original with correction fluid or
tape, almost completely concealing what appears to be a four-letter
word, and leaving small black marks that appear to be the remnants of
four letters. That would be improper.”

A copy of the Office of Independent Counsel’s certified report was
publicly released last month in response to a Freedom of Information Act
lawsuit by Favish. Independent Counsel Ken Starr used the certified
report during the investigation of Foster’s death. WorldNetDaily
published a report about the release.

The most recently released certified copy comes from Virginia’s
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The new certified copy was
released to WorldNetDaily in response to a Virginia Freedom of
Information Act request to inspect the original version. Virginia
officials refused to comment on the legal request or a pending appeal.

According to Favish, Dr. Donald Haut was the only medical doctor to
examine Foster’s body where it was found. Haut typed a two-page report
titled, “Report of Investigation by Medical Examiner.”

“Page one of Haut’s report states that the death shot was
‘mouth-head,’ but page two of the report states that the death shot was
‘mouth to neck.’ The official story on Foster’s death is that the gun
was inserted into the mouth and there was an exit wound in the back of
the head, not the neck,” asserted Favish.

The U.S. Senate published a drawing from the autopsy report that
shows an exit wound on the back of Foster’s head, just above an
imaginary line connecting the tops of his ears. Officially, there was
no neck wound.

However, according to Favish, the 1995 Senate Banking Committee
report on the Foster death inexplicably quotes from both pages of Haut’s
report, including the mysterious neck wound.

“Neither the original nor a copy of the Haut report was known to be
available to the public. That is, until a copy of a certified copy of
the report was found and made public by non-government researcher Hugh
Sprunt and Patrick Knowlton. Knowlton is a Fort Marcy Park witness who
has filed a federal lawsuit alleging illegal intimidation by federal
agents,” said Favish.

Sprunt, who was contacted for this article, confirmed that he had
discovered the medical report while examining Senate “Whitewater”
documents at the National Archives in July 1997.

“It is improper to alter a medical record that completely obscures
words. According to a leading textbook on medical record-keeping,
‘Mastering Documentation,’ proper alteration of a medical record is done
by lining out any words that need to be corrected, so that all the
original words can be recognized, and then initialing and dating the
change,” noted Favish.

“Was it suicide or was it murder?” questions attorney Allan
Favish during an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview near his Los Angeles
home. Photo by Brenda Smith.

“There is further evidence from paramedic Richard Arthur who viewed
the body at the park and testified in his deposition that there was a
neck entrance wound. He thought it looked like it came from a .22
caliber gun as opposed to the official death gun, a .38 caliber
revolver,” said Favish.

“In this case, a possible murder case involving the White House
Counsel, the medical report was not done correctly. I can’t think there
was an innocent explanation of that,” asserted Favish.

According to Favish, several questions remain to be answered:

  • Is there an alteration on the original version of the report?

  • Where is the original version of the report?

  • If the small black marks are the remnants of an alteration, what
    lies underneath any such alteration? Who altered the report and why?

  • When the certified copy was given to the Office of Independent
    Counsel in January 1995, was an attempt made to conceal a sloppy
    alteration on the original by giving the Office of Independent Counsel a
    second-generation copy that was altered?

  • Is there an innocent explanation for the difference between the
    January 1995 certified copy and the other two certified copies?

  • Are there any other certified copies of the original?

  • If Virginia’s medical examiner has the original, why won’t that
    office allow the public to inspect it for any alterations, especially
    since certified copies of the report are publicly available?

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