On Nov. 9, 1994, Paul Venze of Beverly Hills faxed a letter to President Clinton suggesting he investigate the origins
of a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times critical of the
investigations into the mysterious death of Vincent Foster, White House
deputy counsel.

The ad had been placed by me and my organization, the Western
Journalism Center, a non-profit group of independent investigative

A month later, the White House Counsel’s Office had prepared a task
memo detailing various Clinton administration scandals along with people
and organizations that needed to be dealt with to defuse them. The
Western Journalism Center was prominently listed under the entry for
Vincent Foster’s death.

By February 1995, the Internal Revenue Service director of exempt
organizations division, had sent a memorandum to
the IRS district director in Los Angeles along with the Venze memo “for
your information and any action that you deem appropriate.” The Venze
fax had been forwarded to the IRS from the White House.

Within months, the White House Counsel’s Office, in conjunction with
the Democratic National Committee, began preparing a 331-page document
titled “The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce,” which focused
extensively on the work of the Western Journalism Center and me
personally as part of its public fantasy about a “vast right-wing media
conspiracy” out to get Clinton. The document included a rather
unflattering five-page biography of me culled from clippings and
political research conducted at taxpayer expense.

In 1996, IRS field agent Thomas Cederquist contacted the Western
Journalism Center to announce the agency would challenge the group’s
tax-exempt status in what he described as “a political case to be
decided at the national level.”

In October 1996, I went public with what I knew about this chain of
events in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. The report on this
overtly political audit set off a firestorm of controversy. The TV talk
shows buzzed. Congressional hearings were announced. Margaret Milner
Richardson, then-IRS commissioner resigned.

In July of last year, after years of lawsuits, Freedom of Information
Act requests and stonewalling of evidence by the Justice Department, I
obtained a 50-page internal Treasury Department report based on an
investigation of the Western Journalism Center audit. It concluded the
audit began when the Venze letter was forwarded by the White House to
the IRS.

That’s what I maintain is the smoking-gun chain of events that
demonstrates to any reasonable person that the White House used its
political influence with the IRS to target an organization it deemed to
be a political threat.

Last time I checked, that was illegal in America. Last time I heard,
President Nixon faced an article of impeachment for a charge much less
well-documented than this one. And the last time I checked, the Congress
of the United States had dropped the ball on this abuse of power as it
has with so many similar abuses by the Clinton administration.

I have promised readers I would never let this issue drop — even if
it means pursuing the case long after Clinton has left the White House.
Today, I let you, WorldNetDaily readers, see some of the key documents
in the case for yourself.

You can also read the

“Communication Stream of Conspiracy
by ordering it exclusively through WorldNetDaily.com.

It’s all a matter of public record now. Yet, Clinton-packed courtrooms seem intent on stalling and stonewalling this case for as long as possible. Larry Klayman’s

is spearheading our legal challenge with a Freedom of Information Act suit, a privacy act case and a $10 million lawsuit against IRS and other administration officials.

People often ask me what they can do about ensuring that such outrages are punished. In the past I urged you to pressure Congress. That has not helped. Congress, for political reasons, has decided to cover up this scandal.

Today I urge you to do two things: Support Judicial Watch and the

Western Journalism
with your tax-deductible contributions. I know these two organizations will never give up. Never.

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