story published on Sunday
in WorldNetDaily should be more than enough evidence to finally convince you that there are basically just two classes of people in America — “us” and “them.” It didn’t used to be that way or, at a minimum, it wasn’t so obvious.

At one time Americans were divided into three classes — upper, middle and lower — and, for better or worse, on the surface and for everyday practical purposes that’s still the way it is.

Until, that is, you discuss the place of government, politics and power in our society, and who is “entitled” to it. At that point, most of those who comprise that tiny elitist minority have come, these days, to believe they are better than us “ordinary” citizens and, therefore, must be afforded special status, presence and privilege.

There is a word for that kind of attitude but I can’t say it here.

The article WND published yesterday detailed a little known measure in a new federal courts “housekeeping” bill, HR 1752, that would give federal judges authority to carry a concealed weapon anytime they wanted — especially inside courtrooms — and anywhere they wanted, even if a particular state had no concealed carry law.

While researching the story I couldn’t find out if the bill was scheduled for a vote yet in the House because late last week lawmakers — including the House leadership, which has to make the decision — were still on Easter recess. The bill is there; however, it has been voted out of the House Judiciary Committee and it’s now up to the House leadership to decide if or when they want to put it up for a full vote.

But no matter. That a U.S. representative or senator feels that federal court judges should be afforded full use of the Second Amendment — while both judges and lawmakers routinely deny it to practically every other American citizen — is an insult of the highest magnitude. And it’s a clear indication of how these arrogant morons really feel about the rest of us “little people.”

What is amazing is that an undercurrent to this story has reached right into the headlines of today. There are increasing numbers of federal judges who are worried about the continual erosion of Second Amendment rights to ordinary people and the potential for unrest, as I read it, if courts decide at some time to rape the gun industry like they did big tobacco.

Amazing, I say, because despite the rampant violence being committed everyday against citizens living in cities which forbid a citizen full access to the Second Amendment, judges are saying they feel threatened so the gun rules shouldn’t apply to them while never once advocating that they shouldn’t apply to the rest of us either.

Hypocrisy, irony, and arrogance — throw those qualities in with a modicum of power and bingo, you have yourself an “elitist” — a special class of persons that don’t include 99.9 percent of the population of this country.

So why do we put up with it? There are infinitely more of us than there are of “them,” and yet we, as a nation, continue to give these power freaks a pass when they slap us down with new powers for themselves as they take more of our rights away. Unbelievable.

The Constitution and its provisions, passages and amendments was written and designed to be applied equally, regardless of color, creed, beliefs or, as it happens, status. And yet it is not applied equally, thanks — in no small part — to federal judges.

I don’t know about you, but I’m plenty sick of being treated like a second-class citizen in my own country, especially by a bunch of little Napoleons who claim a special status they are not entitled to claim. It is not for Congress or the courts to decide whether Americans ought to be “able” to claim their God-given rights — to the letter — under the Constitution of the United States. The language is plain; the rights are already in place. There is nothing left to “decide.”

However, those who are being targeted for repression cannot sit idly by and merely “hope” that the elitist mentality will simply vanquish itself. It never works that way; the more power the elite successfully claim, the more they want.

Voices have to be heard; votes have to be cast. The Napoleon Class has to be told, in no uncertain terms, that they ‘rule’ at our pleasure — not the other way around.

Let’s hope the House leadership gets the message and declines to submit this vote for consideration by the full House. If they don’t, give it to them.

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