After all the hubbub in our nation’s history over very real race and
gender discrimination, it’s hard for me to believe that in
today’s US of A there is still rampant discrimination going on —
enough that continues to justify so-called affirmative action laws,

On Monday the Associated Press reported that Ward Connerly,
the black man from California responsible for getting measures approved
in that state and others ending affirmative action considerations in
many state-controlled apparatuses, decided he didn’t have enough time to
gather the 500,000 signatures required to place a similar measure on the
ballot this fall in Florida.

Connerly’s drive was initially criticized by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as
being too extreme. Meanwhile, Bushites touted the governor’s own
“One Florida” plan, which seeks to eliminate some affirmative action
considerations, as much better.

Connerly, however, characterized Bush’s plan as such: “It’s like a
39-cent hamburger. Big bun, no pickle, no lettuce, no tomato,
teeny-weeny patty. It reminds you of that old commercial — where’s the

Meanwhile, Bush says his plan toughens anti-discrimination laws and
guarantees admission to a state university for the top 20 percent of
each high school class.

Of the two approaches I see some good in each but like Connerly’s
approach and reasoning much better.

First off, Bush has no right to “guarantee” college admission to
anyone, regardless of what position they place in some
pigeon-holed state-run admissions qualification system. Anybody who’s
had to deal with “The State” or “The Federal Government” knows that
systems run by clowns with round buttocks, hewn from years of pushing
papers and sitting at a desk, have little success in making the wheels
of progress grind forward. Besides, there should be no “guarantees” of
college to anyone; higher education is a privilege in this country, not
a right as liberal education apologists would have you believe.

Secondly, what is Bush talking about when he says his plan will
“strengthen affirmative action laws”? Do they really need
strengthening? And how can he “strengthen” these laws — which are
racist by their very nature — while, at the same time, guaranteeing
equal access to higher education and state jobs to those who best

For years the affirmative action apologists have said that despite
qualifications and who has and has not “earned” his or her place in
colleges and government jobs, minorities and women “deserve” them
because those evil white people still rob all the good jobs and
education slots from us poor minority folk. Hogwash; these days if
any race is getting slighted it’s whites.

Regardless, Connerly — who has been criss-crossing the country
trying to convince people that if you’re able you don’t need special
privileges and considerations — has consistently been on the right side
of this affirmative action hooey for years.

Why minorities and women who get jobs and special appointments don’t
feel insulted is beyond me; to get something not because you earned it
but because of the color of your skin or gender of your body is wrong
and itself discriminatory.

In fact if you look at it honestly, today’s affirmative action
programs heap precisely the kind of discrimination on whites and others
that used to be reserved exclusively for minorities and women.

So in other words, are today’s affirmative action programs really
needed, or are they simply “pay back programs” for years of unjust

I suspect it’s the latter and so does Connerly.

Constitutionally (and morally) speaking, no one deserves
“special status” in this country because after all, if everyone was
created — and treated — equally, then there is no legal right to
impose such rules.

Ah, say the affirmative action supporters, that’s just it — not
everyone is treated equally, and that’s why we need these

Well, okay then, how about the same consideration for whites
(especially white males) and others who have been wronged simply because
of their socio-economic status? There are numerous examples of this
group being routinely discriminated against but no one except Connerly
and a few other equality activists seem to notice when this happens.

The fact is, if there are any so-called “affirmative action”
laws, rules, regulations and mandates, somebody somewhere is
going to get the shaft; as long as a school or business or state
institution has a “quota” they have to fill by law, then someone —
regardless of color or gender — is going to lose out to someone else.
That’s the way it’s been in this country since the beginning and that’s
the way it will always be because there is simply no such thing as true

You can talk about the concept of equality — the idea of it — all
you please. But know this: a person is always going to be a little
better, a little more qualified, a little more experienced or score a
little better on an entrance exam than the next closest competitor.

So, all affirmative action laws really do is take away the
most qualified candidate’s accomplishments and give them to somebody who
hasn’t earned them — simply because their skin and/or gender meet “the

Why minorities continue to want to suffer the insult of affirmative
action is beyond me. Being given a job, position, promotion or class
because of race or gender is like having someone tell you, “Hey, you’re
really not good enough for this but we’re giving it to you because we
have to.”

Wow. Some accomplishment.

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