A friend of mine, whose name I can’t divulge right now, called me the
other day to chat for a few minutes. During the course of our
conversation, he told me he had been contacted by the campaign of GOP
frontrunner for the White House, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, recently
about a possible job in the new administration if Bush wins in November.

I don’t know many of the details surrounding the phone call nor did I
ask; I was just thrilled to know that Bush’s people had contacted this
friend of mine because he has the right kind of experience and a helluva
lot of good qualities that would make him a great team member in
anyone’s administration.

Not that he’s considering one in a potential Gore
administration; he’s already lived through enough contact with the
Clinton-Gore team of criminals and malcontents to know better than to
work for them instead.

But of course, no one on the outgoing Clinton-Gore team would have
asked a guy like this to come to work for them. That’s because he has
far too much integrity, dignity, honor, and a sense of what is truly
right and wrong to work for such blatant liars and criminals.

My friend was a little subdued about the invitation; honored on the
one hand but knowledgeable enough about how Washington, D.C., works to
be a little gun-shy as well. Personally, I was ecstatic because to me,
it demonstrated a small step in the right direction for a potential Bush
administration after the Nov. 7 election.

People like my friend are exactly the kind of folks the next
administration will need if it ever hopes to regain some decency, trust
and respect from the American people after the fallacy of Bill Clinton’s
mafia-like administration.

If this seems like an obtrusive and loud endorsement of my buddy, it
is. He’s a good guy who knows his stuff, knows what needs to be done in
the nation’s capital, and has the savvy and skill to make the right
things happen for all of us. Bush — well, any leader, really —
needs those kinds of people to help make the entire
administration successful and our country more prosperous and safe.

Of course, accomplishing “the right things” depends upon which side
of the political fence you sit on. But I’ll say this — at the very
least, Americans of all political stripes deserve a better
administration than the one currently occupying the White House. Liberal
or conservative, you’d be hard pressed to deny that.

Nevertheless, one guy among dozens of potential aides, staffers and
officials swarming in and out of the White House in the next
administration will not a corrupt-free environment make. His lone
voice, some skeptics have told me, would do little to correct much of

That’s fair, and I agree. However, my main point and source of
enthusiasm is this: That my friend was even asked by the Bush
team to help them out if they win later this year is encouraging. It
shows me that the officials Bush trusts to help him select the right
people for the right jobs are of sound mind and judgment to fill jobs
and clean out the stench of the Clintonites.

I don’t know what the future holds or if Bush will even win in
November. But if he does and people like my friend go to work for him,
I find myself strangely encouraged by what the next administration can
and would accomplish for America.

After eight years of the scandalous Clinton administration, it feels
good to feel good about a new president, a new direction, and a new era
for America. God knows we need it.

Congratulations, my friend. Here’s wishing you well.

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