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Life in post-Clinton era

It is not too early to discuss life in America in the post-Clinton
era. When Americans view the final departure of Bill and Hillary from
the White House, perhaps in separate helicopters going different ways,
the reaction will be mixed. Some will shed tears, some will shout with
joy, some will sigh with relief, and many will experience a queasy,
morning-after-a-wild-night-on-the-town feeling of self-loathing. Let’s
review the record. The crooked tandem of Clinton-Gore led a crooked,
money-grubbing campaign to shake down a desperately poor Indian tribe,
hold a fund-raiser at a Buddhist temple, accept money from foreign
contributors, accept laundered money, solicit money while on government
property, entertain Mexican drug dealers and Chinese arms merchants in
the White House, rent out the Lincoln bedroom, sell seats on Air Force
One, use taxpayer money to set up a multimillion-dollar political
database, misuse the IRS and the FBI to attack political enemies — and
then, when caught, bitterly complain that if the Republicans had not
been such meanies, they would not have been forced to go to such lengths
to protect the Constitution and to protect the American people — and
particularly the little children — from being crushed by an onrushing
radical, right-wing juggernaut.

In April 1999, U.S. Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright found Bill
Clinton in civil contempt for lying under oath and obstructing justice,
and fined him $90,000. Note that this was “civil” contempt. Judge Wright
left open the possibility of “criminal” charges. Independent counsel
Robert Ray did not miss the point. He said, “It is my intention to
thoroughly and fairly address that issue. … There is a principle to be
vindicated, and that principle is that no one is above the law, even the
president of the United States.”

Clinton currently faces disbarment as a lawyer in his home state of
Arkansas. Additionally, earlier this year, federal judge Royce Lambert
issued a 26-page ruling that held that Bill Clinton violated the Privacy
Act by releasing letters sent to him by Kathleen Willey, alleged gropee.

Holding up his end of the corruption, Vice President Al “I am also
not a crook” Gore continues to crank out his pathetic excuse that there
was no “controlling legal authority or case” to prevent him from
illegally soliciting political contributions while on government
property. He also still insists that he thought his fund-raising visit
to the Buddhist Temple was a “community outreach,” despite credible
evidence that he knew exactly where he was and what was going on. If he
is lying, it is perjury.

Janet Reno, who acts as defense attorney for Bill Clinton, performs
the same function for Al Gore. She protected both of them by refusing to
order an independent investigation of campaign law violations, despite
FBI director Louis Freeh’s strong recommendation that she do so. More
importantly, Reno rejected a similar recommendation from Charles
LaBella, who was her own personal choice to head the Justice
Department’s campaign finance task force. For two years, Reno has
refused to release LaBella’s 94-page report.

This barely scratches the surface of the deep damage done to America
by the Arkansas wrecking crew. Over time, data, reports and information
that have been concealed and suppressed will rise to the surface. Civil
and criminal lawsuits will abound. We will be inundated with new
evidence to substantiate wrongdoing we knew about, and expose wrongdoing
we never knew about.

If Gore is elected, it will signify that a majority of Americans have
grown accustomed to the stench, even attracted to it. It should not come
as a surprise. The human being is magnificently adaptable and able to
tolerate, even love, that which was previously considered vile and

Perhaps our sorry experience with the Gore-Clinton administration was
needed for us to understand how close we are to the brink of becoming a
nation of men, not laws. In such a nation, justice is neither sure nor
even-handed. Corruption becomes a way of life, institutionalized in the
government. The idealism of the young erodes into cynicism. Proud men
and women who would never be a slave to another person are conditioned
to willingly put their heads in the yoke and become a slave to Big

But the future is not predestined. We may have stepped in it, but
that does not mean we have to track it into the future. Yes, please yes,
history may record that the legacy of the Clinton presidency was that
its classic wretchedness awakened the American people from a
soul-numbing moral stupor.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

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